Ten Years of The Vamps!

In only a couple of weeks, The Vamps will be heading out on tour to celebrate their 10 year anniversary of being a band!

How It Started

It’s been quite the journey for Brad, James, Connor, and Tristan. Their story starts when James found Brad via YouTube and contacted him asking if he would like to be part of a band. After the two met, Tristan quickly followed followed by Connor – all meeting through the power of social media. Originally, they started to post covers on YouTube which quickly gained them a fanbase online. Like most artists, they then began supporting other musicians in order to gain more fans and put their name on the music scene. McFly were the first band they toured with, and their fans simply fell in love with them. After supporting McFly, they then went on to tour with the likes of The Wanted, Selena Gomez, Little Mix, and even the one and only Taylor Swift!

Meet The Vamps

Whilst they were posting covers on YouTube, the band were working hard in the studio to record their first album “Meet The Vamps.” Their first single “Can We Dance” was released in the summer of 2013, and reached number 2 in the UK Official Singles Chart – narrowly missing the Number 1 spot to OneRepublic’s massive hit “Counting Stars.” The first single was a massive success, and still remains a fan favourite. “Wildheart” was released not long after, followed by “Last Night” and “Somebody To You” featuring Demi Lovato, and “Oh Cecilia” – which features Shawn Mendes. The excitement around these singles were immense and fans couldn’t get enough. “Meet The Vamps” was finally released in Spring 2014, and it saw eighteen fantastic songs including; “Risk It All,” “Girls On TV,” “High Hopes,” and “She Was The One” – which was the very first song the band ever wrote together!

Albums and Collaborations!

“Meet The Vamps” was a huge success and fans adored it. They then went on to release “Wake Up” which saw more iconic tracks including the title single “Wake Up,” “I Found A Girl,” and fan favourite “Cheater.” The “Night and Day” albums were next where they released them in two parts, one year after the other. The Night edition was released in 2017 and saw what remains to be the bands most streamed song “All Night” – which currently has nearly 600 million streams on Spotify! This edition also saw other favourites “Middle of The Night,” “Hands,” and “Shades On.”

The Day edition followed a year later and earned The Vamps their first ever Number 1 album! “Just My Type” was the leading single for this part of the album and is a hit live, as well as “Hair Too Long” and “Too Good To Be True.” Lastly, whilst the world was crumbling from COVID-19, it didn’t stop The Vamps from recording yet another hit album “Cherry Blossom” – which also got the Number 1 spot!

Across all albums, The Vamps have been known to work with other well known artists on their songs. On the first album, Demi Lovato joined them on their track “Somebody To You.” “All Night” features Motoma who they have worked with multiple times since. Machine Gun Kelly features on “Too Good to Be True,” Sabrina Carpenter on “Hands,” and Maggie Lindemann on their track “Personal.” By doing this, they’ve earned respect from other artists who want to work with them on their tracks. Across all streaming platforms, the band have gained a whopping 6 billion streams over the last ten years!

Talking of their music journey, The Vamps explain;

“It’s crazy to think what started in our bedrooms and Tristan’s parent’s garage led to us headlining arena’s all around the world. The past 10 years have been an incredible journey but what makes it even more special is that it has felt like a shared one between us and our fans. The Vamps have taken us across all five continents and given us the privilege of playing in front of millions of people. These five albums are chapters in our lives and moments we are hugely proud of. This last year has been one of reflection for us and as four best friends who’ve had the chance to live out our dreams we now can’t wait to celebrate these memories with you all.”


The Vamps have travelled around the world performing in front of thousands of their adoring fans. Their first headline tour was back in 2014 and since then, they have performed to sold out arenas year in, year out. They were the first ever band to perform at the London O2 Arena five years in a row! They’ve toured all over Europe, Asia, America, Australia…pretty much everywhere.

Earlier this year, they did their first ever weekender where they invited their fans over to Barcelona for a big party! It spread out across a weekend where fans partied with their favourite band, and soaked in the sun.

What’s Next?

In just a couple of weeks, The Vamps will be heading out on their Greatest Hits Tour! They will be travelling around the UK before then continuing to Europe and Australia next year! They will also be dropping a brand-new single before tour kicks off! Not only are we able to hear a whole new The Vamps song, but it’s also a Christmas single which is just…fabulous to say the least. “Seat At The Table” will be available to stream very soon, and we have a feeling it’s going to be a tear-jerker.

The guys have also been branching off slightly and exploring solo projects. Bassist Connor Ball has teamed up with drummer Sasa Macek where they have created “The Lunar Year.” The pair have already released songs and an EP which sees “Boys Will Cry,” and “Back For More.” Frontman Brad Simpson is exploring the world of gin with his family! After opening their own gin bar six years ago, they have just announced that they have released their very own gin! Drummer Tristan has also just announced that he is working in collaboration with Homme, and has recently released a concealer!

Regardless of what the future holds, The Vamps will always be here to stay. Tickets for their Greatest Hits Tour can be found here! To keep up to date with what the band are up to, be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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