Singer Calum Scott Releases New Song, ‘At Your Worst’

August 18th saw multi-platinum pop singer Calum Scott release his second single of 2023, the brilliant new soulful mix, titled ‘At Your Worst’. The song follows up his February 2023 release of ‘Whistle’, which he produced alongside Jax Jones. With over ten billion streams under his belt, Calum has become one of the most successful artists in the last half-decade, and continues to get even bigger with the release of ‘At Your Worst’.

Scott’s music career started just over a decade ago, when the Yorkshire-born singer won a talent competition organised by the Hull branch of the Daily Mail. After some time performing around the UK with various bands and groups, Scott decided to take his talents past the newspaper competition level, and auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent. Following a golden buzzer from Simon Cowell and a sixth-place finish out of 12 contestants in the final, he got plenty of mainstream media attention, with thousands of new Twitter followers and hundreds of millions of YouTube views on his audition video. Shortly afterwards, Scott released his debut single, ‘Dancing On My Own’ in April 2016 – judging by the song’s quadruple-platinum certification in the UK (and even more overseas), it’s safe to say it went well.

The song is both a departure and a homage to Scott’s past musical style, which he demonstrated on tracks like ‘Biblical’ (the lead single from his 2022 album, ‘Bridges’). Switching up the instrumentation of the piece while staying rooted with his brilliant melodies and smooth vocal delivery, Scott sends a powerful message of self-love and appreciation to not only others, but himself. Accompanied by a simple yet perfect music video, Scott eliminates all doubts with the awesome new track – which you can listen to through the insert below.

Check out ‘At Your Worst’ here.

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