Casual Fog – ‘Comin’ For Thee’

From Northern California comes Casual Fog, not a description of a weather formation, although they really do know their fogs up that way, having a variety of them, depending on whether you’re on the coast or in the valleys. But Casual Fog is the brainchild of Ryan Donnelly, who’s so far, over the past 15 years, released 9 albums and EPs. ‘Comin’ For Thee’, from the latest album, ‘In Still Delight’, which was released on September 18, rolls in stealthily, just like the fog in the band’s name, and before you know it, you’re completely subsumed.

Opening with a tinkling synth, sparkling somewhat sinisterly, the track soon adds a jangling guitar, which thankfully takes some of the spooky edge off the synth. It’s layers upon layers – just like the fog – with Donnelly’s vocals drawling and languid.

There’s a captivating quality to the track, and you should certainly do yourself a favour by listening to the track through headphones, so you can fully appreciate the many different sonic levels of the track. You feel almost as if Casual Fog is not just a clever name for a band, but also it’s Donnelly’s entire MO, as the track rolls down a mountain of sound and curves around headlands and bays of instrumentals.

Donnelly has written and arranged all songs on the album, and all are performed by him as well; he’s invited a number of friends and influences to come along for the ride however, and on ‘Comin’ For Thee’, it’s Jason Clark, formerly of The Pleased, now of TLA.

‘In Still Delight’ has taken Donnelly a year writing and recording in the studio, and it certainly shows.

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