Shakin’ Stevens Releases New Single From Forthcoming Album ‘RE-SET’ – ‘All You Need Is Greed’ Out Today, March 17

Following its world premiere on BBC Radio 2, Shakin’ Stevens releases his new single, the rootsy rocker, ‘All You Need Is Greed’. Delivered with an impassioned vocal performance, the gritty lyrics mince no words at all on the subject of undiluted avarice.

“Most of the problems we now face in our world have been brought about by the intense and selfish desire for excessive material gain, control and power over others.  It may start as need, but quickly intensifies and translates into greed with no thought about the effect on others” says Shaky.

‘Re-Set’ is an album that takes the infectious roots-rock of his acclaimed and highly successful 2016 release ‘Echoes Of Our Times’ into even more adventurous territory. Its 10 songs combine deeply heartfelt, meaningful lyrics with the most visceral vocal delivery Shaky has ever summoned from himself, well over 50 years since his first recordings.

The seeds for the album were planted before lockdown, and on the very day that restrictions were lifted, in the spring of 2021, Stevens and his fellow songwriters reconvened at co-producer and longtime collaborator John David’s Berry Hill Studio. ‘Re-Set’ is the result.

Like ‘Echoes Of Our Times’, ‘Re-Set’ has a number of personal storylines, drawn from his own family chronicles, and the working-class background from which the young Michael Barratt crafted his incredible career. A unique combination of vocal prowess and unstoppable determination helped to create a star who became the UK’s bestselling singles artist of a decade; his track record includes 33 Top 40 UK hits, four No. 1s, countless hit albums and undimmed popularity all over Europe and internationally.

On ‘Re-Set’, those personal tales weave into an interconnected narrative about our collective place in the modern world, both real and virtual. There are songs about the plight of his ancestors, the uncle he never knew, and his own mother, who had a very difficult life, but nevertheless raised 13 children almost singlehandedly, while also holding down a job. But the album is also firmly rooted in the present day, as a call to arms about our planet and what we’re doing to it, and to each other.

One of the most enduring figureheads in rock and pop history, Shaky has seen and achieved more than most people could dream of, since he first charmed audiences as a teenager. ‘Re-Set’ will be another exciting chapter in that story, and Stevens can’t wait to share it with loyal fans and new admirers alike.

“It’s a follow-up,” as he says, “but it’s different. People were surprised by ‘Echoes Of Our Times,’ and I guess the same is going to happen with ‘Re-Set’.

Watch the gritty music video for ‘Greed Is All You Need’ below, and and stream and download the single here. You can find out more about Shakin’ Stevens and his music online on his official website. ‘Re-Set’ is out April 28, and can be pre-ordered here.

Shakin' Stevens - All You Need Is Greed (Official Video)

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