BOSCO Ties Up His ‘Lady Laces’ In Latest Track

‘Lady Laces’, the new rock release from BOSCO, is a love song. To whom, we know not for sure, but given the artist has been in love with making music since the tender age of 5, it may well be that lady is his muse.

Speaking of his latest single, BOSCO said,

“Everything that happens in our lives can be tied to music. What a sad, sad world this would be without it.”

BOSCO grew up listening to Johnny Cash, and The Beach Boys, and from those early days of playing, he set about writing his own songs at 14. Laying down those bones so young means he knows instinctively how to craft appealing instrumentals, and hooks that catch you before you know it. His previous releases, ‘Wicked Woods’, ‘Raven’, and ‘Brothers’, were all such masterpieces, and his latest song, ‘Lady Laces’, certainly follows suit.

Beautiful word play epitomises ‘Lady Laces’, not one is in the wrong place. Skilful instrumentals – BOSCO on acoustic guitar, pounding guitars, electric rhythms holding sway – further serve to highlight BOSCO’s lyrics and rock vocals. While the videos for his previous releases had their settings in the USA, this time the focus is on the heart of BritPop, with the action occurring in Manchester, England.

The clip opens with BOSCO sorting out his records at home, trying to work out where he’s heard this song, ‘Lady Laces’, that’s currently earworming in his brain. Unable to find it, he gets in contact with a “record thief” to track down the record. In Manchester, the thief dons a balaclava and lace gloves, and is dressed all in black. Wielding a small suitcase and a carving knife, they head off to retrieve “the package”, holding up a record store. Meanwhile, two young teens – in reality the son of executive producer Jared Sagal, and his friend – manage to nab the package, and make off with it themselves. The thief has to let BOSCO know they’ve failed; but there’s a deeper and more hopeful message to it all. It’s BOSCO’s hope that the love and creation of music, and the exploration of the arts as a whole, will continue to the younger generation as much as possible, as well as those to come.

We hope you enjoy ‘Lady Laces’ as much as we do, and it’ll be earworming in your head for days! Watch the music video below, and let us know what you think in the comments. You can follow BOSCO online to find out more about the artist and his music on his official website, and Facebook.

BOSCO- LADY LACES ( Official )

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