Daisy Briggs Is Dicing With Danger In Her New Pop Country Single And Video – ‘i don’t hate u (my mom thinks ur trash)’

It might not always be so but it can be generally agreed that when your Mom doesn’t like someone, it’s for good reason. We heard it a few years ago when Justin Bieber, in his song, ‘Love Yourself’, said, “my mama don’t like you and she likes everyone”, and Daisy Briggs is reiterating the sentiment with her new pop country single and video, ‘i don’t hate u (my mom thinks ur trash’.

The new single is an easy listening, catchy tune, that will have you humming along from the first note, and it comes with an equally fun video that sees Daisy Briggs changing into a variety of costumes and the characters that go with it. From a skater girl, to the country singer, to the party girl dressed in leather, and the studious good girl – the one her mother wants her to be. See, Daisy *knows* her Mom is right. Her friends are on the same side as her Mom as well…but there’s something about this guy that makes Daisy want to see how it all works out – even though his name spells D.A.N.G.E.R.

Speaking of the song, Daisy says,

“’i don’t hate u (my mom thinks ur trash)’ is a lighthearted song i wrote myself about a guy i liked that my mom was not a fan of — and she wasn’t afraid to tell me. i won’t share his nickname, but let’s just say “trash” has something to do with it. it originally started as sort of a chant among my friends, my band, and my inner circle about my poor taste in guys, but i started to realize that it resonated with a lot of people, especially on tiktok. more and more women and their daughters — and some dads, even — would tell me they related to the story. the music video is unlike any i’ve ever made, and depicts me portraying different characters — the country singer, the skater girl, etc. It is playful, and meant to make people smile.”

The video, directed by David Bradley, is playful in the extreme. There’s a certain throwback vibe to the song, and he pairs it by framing the footage through a vintage Kodak slide border, and colouring the clip with a vintage palette of mostly pastels. Daisy’s costumes are sharp and stylish, while the boys, are, well, they’re clearly trouble with a capital T. Does Daisy care about the challenges she faces with these fellas? You can watch the video here to find out.

Find out more about Daisy Briggs and her music online on her official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and via her Linktree.

Daisy Briggs - i don't hate u (my mom thinks ur trash) (Official Video)

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