Daisy Briggs Is Dicing With Danger In Her New Pop Country Single And Video – ‘i don’t hate u (my mom thinks ur trash)’

It might not always be so but it can be generally agreed that when your Mom doesn’t like someone, it’s for good reason. We heard it a few years ago when Justin Bieber, in his song, ‘Love Yourself’, said, “my mama don’t like you and she likes everyone”, and Daisy Briggs is reiterating the sentiment with her new pop country single and video, ‘i don’t hate u (my mom thinks ur trash’.

The Essential Advent Calendar: December 7 – Emily Lockett Declares We’ve ‘Always Got Next Christmas’

Staffordshire singer songwriter Emily Lockett’s EP, ‘My Imagination’ is set for release on 14 December. The country/pop singer has spent 2018 creating, fine-tuning, and performing her original music, including just under 40 live shows, including the 110 Above Festival, and opening for Nashville’s The Sara Beth Trio, as well as Gary Quinn, Laura Oakes, and The Southern Companion (Darren Hodson).