Interview: Sibling Country duo Juna N Joey Unveil Their Acoustic Version For Their Latest Single, ‘’Til Your Heart Breaks’

The now Nashville-based brother-sister duo Juna N Joey, fuse a contemporary style songwriting into their country roots with their latest single ‘’Til Your Heartbreaks’. After the instant success of the single, Juna N Joey have gone onto release an acoustic version of the single. We check in to hear all about it.

Hi Juna N Joey, how are you both?
We are doing great. Got a lot of things done this year and feeling blessed and

grateful for what we have and what’s been happening over the past couple years.

The new single ‘’Til Your Heartbreaks’ sounds great! What made you decide to do an acoustic version?

Juna– We wanted to do a more stripped down version of the song and we wanted our audience to hear our song in another way and in a different format.

Joey– We decided to do an acoustic version because we wanted another version and we are singer songwriters. Always do acoustic versions of our song cause it puts a spin on it.

Does the acoustic version add a new layer to the song?

Joey– It definitely adds something special. Since we are brother and sister and we try to promote harmonies so having an acoustic version its easier to ear the harmonies since theres just guitar.

Juna– Yes, definitely! It is a breakdown of the original version and like Joey said, you can really hear and appreciate the harmonies more through the acoustic version.

Was it a difficult task writing about a topic that neither of you had experienced?

Juna– It is not too difficult, because it’s about putting yourself in other people’s shoes and writing from their experiences with a topic of heartbreak, a lot of people can relate to it and understand it.

Joey– It was not difficult to write songs about relationships. We usually take other peoples experiences and write it into our songs. Now that we’re older, its going to be asier to write songs and write more in depth songs.

How would you describe yourselves to someone that is unfamiliar with your work? Juna– I would describe our sound as modern country. Think lady A mixed with morgan wallen

Joey– Our genre for music is modern country. Brother and sister harmonies are what we are promoting.

Do you think being siblings is something that helps or hinders what you do? Is there any sibling rivalry that goes on?

Juna–I believe it helps absolutely! I would work with anyone else but my brother and it is such a gift to be able to use our sibling harmonies through our songs and live through the music business and share these experiences with your sibling. We are always very good when it comes to getting along and getting things done but I would say if there ever was a disagreement, it might be about writing and our creative differences.

Joey– Were pretty good when it comes to music. Sometimes we have our moments but were pretty much always getting along

What role did music play in both of your lives as you were growing up? What’s the dream for both of you?

Juna– I started around the age of 3 or 4 singing and playing piano and it has always been a part of our lives. We formed our brother and sister, a modern country duo around 6 or 7 years ago and it has already been a dream come true so far and there is so much more to come. The dream is to write, record, and play music all over the world with my brother and live through this journey with him.

Joey– I was into sports for a long time. Just listened to music. Then I went to one of her lessons and found out I could sing. Then I started picking up instruments and my whole career path

changed in seconds. Like Juna said, the dream is to live through the music business, play at the Opry and Ryman, and tour everywhere with each other, just doing what we love.

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