SINGLE PREMIERE: Shab ‘Criss Cross’

Could this be the next big hit from global pop sensation Shab, as she follows on from her third consecutive #2 spot on the UK MusicWeek’s Commercial Pop chart? The Persian American pop-star had huge critical acclaim from the release of her debut album ‘Infinite Love’ and is now back on it, ready for her latest string of releases.

Shab premiers her latest single ‘CRISS CROSS’, that stands as a testament to Shab’s merit as an awe-inspiring artist. With its meaning about the true devotion of love she shares with someone, ‘CRISS CROSS’ is filled with an ever-burning romantic passion. Within the vocals lies alluring melodies dancing around dark seducing beats. Produced by Grammy-winning producer Damon Sharpe (Ariana Grande & Jennifer Lopez) ‘CRISS CROSS’ deserves to be the theme song of everlasting love.

Finding attention during the global pandemic in late 2020, a difficult time for any artist, let alone one trying to build up their foundations. It was also the start of a new chapter in Shab’s musical identity as she released he first English sung single. A difficult task to sing in any language but to release music in a second language is an incredible feat. It’s an achievement that has rewarded her with millions of views on YouTube and fans worldwide.

Listen to the premiere of ‘Criss Cross’ below.

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