Los Angeles Punk Band Get Out Show Us The Fine Print With New Album, ‘The Violation of Terms and Conditions’

With heavy hooks and pummelling rhythms, combined with incredibly witty songwriting and a rebel spirit that serves them well, LA punks Get Out have released their latest long player, entitled, ‘The Violation of Terms and Conditions’.

Founded back in the 90s, the band have so far released 8 albums and have shared the stage with the likes of Voodoo Glowskulls, Streetlight Manifesto, and Suburban Legends. Now, they continue their legacy with the new album boasting intriguing and commanding song titles such as, ‘Six Feet Apart’, ‘The Right is Wrong’, ‘Florida Man’, ‘Florida Woman’, and ‘The End of Florida’.

Speaking about the title and theme of the new album, the band said,

“When we released our last album “We Were Here First” in 2019 it was taken off Apple Music after one week because Apple claimed our album art “violated the terms and conditions”. After we changed the artwork and resubmitted, Apple Music listed it as Metal (it is not) and placed it under a different artist of the same name (we’ve had this name since 1994). We have tried to contact our distributor as well as Apple music so many times and no one will respond to us about it. The first song written for the album, ‘Rotten Apple’ is a criticism of a corrupt corporation that only cares about the elite. Other tracks were inspired by the pandemic of 2020 as well as the state of affairs in our country and society.”

‘The Right Is Wrong’ is the first track from the album to have an official music video, and from the very first note you know you’re in for a fast ride – so you’d better get buckled up! Twin guitars, bass, and drums that ensure the tempo is fast paced, the song opens up with the rise of the right in the US. Starting with November 3 2020, the date US citizens went to the ballot box and chose not to re-elect Trump to the presidency the song also covers the fact that the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution is something that can be changed – despite the Right declaring otherwise – it’s the *second* Amendment after all – so it’s already different to what was declared in the first place. It’s a powerful and fiery track, and at just under 3 minutes, makes it a bit on the long side for a punk song, but there’s plenty of info to share.

You can stream ‘The Violation of Terms and Conditions’ on Spotify. Watch the video for ‘The Right Is Wrong’ below. Find out more about Get Out and their music online on their official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Get Out - The Right is Wrong (Official Music Video)

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