Blues Musician Jimmy D. Scott Shares A Vital Message About Gun Crime With New Release ‘Enough Is Enough’

Jimmy D. Scott recognised the horrific tragedy of gun-based crime across the USA, and decided it was time to do something about it. His latest single, ‘Enough Is Enough’, sees him mince no words as he tells listeners that they have to check themselves before they wreck themselves, the gun is a one way ticket to hell, and they should try love instead.

“The life you save today could very well be your own” sings Jimmy D. Scott on his new single, ‘Enough Is Enough’. He mixes his Mississippi roots with a Motown sound, coming up with a bluesy message that speaks to the very heart of America. His 2017 cover of The Temptations’ classic, ‘Shakey Ground‘, from his album ‘Evening With You’, released the same year, is still his most streamed song even 5 years later, but with any luck fans will take his mission on board and make ‘Enough Is Enough’ surpass that.

The Detroit based artist has taken upon himself a labour of love in spreading a timely and vitally important message about gun violence in America. The phrase, “Enough is Enough” seems to be bandied about altogether too much, but Jimmy D. Scott means it when he says it. His aim is to prevent brutality before it occurs by making the voices of the voiceless heard. “It’s alright to have conflicts, but you don’t need to end the conflict with somebody’s life. Life is too precious to just throw it away,” he says. ‘Enough Is Enough’ is just over 4 minutes long, but in that time Jimmy D. manages to share all his emotions and feelings on the subject of gun violence, chanting for shooters to put their guns down and advising audiences to unite to stop this epidemic for good.

The video for ‘Enough Is Enough’, directed by R. Drew Fezzey, is sobering and moving. Before the music starts, Scott addresses the listeners directly about his vision and intentions, while his studio performance is an emotional display of his authentic opinions on the matter. Interspersed throughout are news clips of a range of shootings – far too many – across the USA, along with a tally of the deaths and injuries. To add emphasis to the opening message, the video closes with the lines, “The time to prevent a tragedy is…Before it happens.”. The hopes and dreams of many have been shattered with senseless violence and loss of life.

Watch the music video for ‘Enough Is Enough’ and take it to heart. You can find out more about Jimmy D. Scott and his music online on his official website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Enough Is Enough - Jimmy D. Scott

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