Nina Chanel Is Getting ‘BIG’ With Her New Single

While Birmingham, Alabama doesn’t have the same sort of international reputation as Atlanta, Georgia, it’s still as much a lover of hip hop as its bigger, busier neighbour. The city is also jam packed with its fair share of young and hungry rappers, who are primed to represent the Yellowhammer State, and wanting to dream ‘Big’, just like Nina Chanel.

Nina Chanel’s music is the epitome of Alabama virtues. A tough, no-nonsense rapper and storyteller, she’s got a huge personality, and a fearless nature to boot. While her songs can be on the steamy side, she’s rarely inappropriate; she can get violent, but it’s never of a gratuitous nature. Her rhymes are clever, but it’s with purpose – every syllable and word is exactly what’s needed. Her latest single, ‘Big’, is a declaration of her desire for the good life, while demonstrating her extraordinary talent. Nina Chanel compromises for no-one, and by the end of the first verse, you’ll believe her. When she gets to the end of the song, you’ll fear for anyone, or anything, that dares to stand in her way.

Relentless production, including trap beats, stunning synthesizers, as well as nods to Southern soul, deep gospel, and an almost punk roughness, are all characteristic of Nin Chanel’s style. She rides the beat effortlessly, her clear talent quite justly earning her comparisons to some of the best rappers in the South.

In the video for ‘Big’, like her other clips, we see Birmingham at its grittiest. She’s shown as a criminal mastermind and a ruthless street battler. She kills her enemy in front of her crew, showing no remorse whatsoever. In the same breath she’s at ease dancing under the Alabama sun, or returning to her apartment, resplendent in black, accompanied by an attack dog on a chain. Nina Chanel makes it clear in no uncertain terms – she’s no someone to be messed with.

Follow Nina Chanel online and find out more about her music on her official website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Watch the video for ‘Big’ below. 

Nina Chanel "BIG" | [Official Music Video]

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