Music Meets Sport: The Future of US Concert Venues

Outdoor concert venues often offer the best atmosphere to enjoy the leading music artists in. The open-air and capacity to cater to more people than an indoor venue allows for a more elevated musical atmosphere.

The biggest concerts are almost always in the setting of a sports arena, as they can hold tens of thousands of people and can easily be converted for a short event. But what are some of the best that are used from time to time to hold concerts across the United States?

FirstEnergy Stadium

Home of the Cleveland Browns of the National Football League, the FirstEnergy Stadium is the leading arena in Ohio. Aside from the musical side of the venue, the Browns have begun their NFL season rather poorly losing five games already including being on the receiving end of a 38-15 thrashing to the New England Patriots.

They have shown little sign that their fortunes will turn around as the season goes on, BonusFinder has listed a lot of sportsbooks promo codes for Ohio, to ensure you can receive the best odds and offers when betting on the NFL this season. Sportsbetting has become incredibly popular across the US and in Ohio, which is made all the easier with so many apps being available.

The musical success found in this stadium, however, is a lot more noticeable. The venue hosted concerts over the summer including one in August headlined by Machine Gun Kelly, while back in 2018 Beyonce and Jay-Z also performed at the FirstEnergy Stadium. It has proved an extremely popular venue for Ohioans to experience their favourite artists live, ultimately holding almost 68,000 people.

MetLife Stadium

The home of both the New York Giants and New York Jets is a multi-purpose outdoor arena that is used for a variety of different events. With two top NFL teams playing there, it is often filled with tens of thousands of fans and has the ability to hold up to 82,500 people.

It also hosts concerts for some of the biggest music stars in the world, next May Taylor Swift will perform the New Jersey leg of her ‘Eras’ tour at the MetLife Stadium. With Taylor currently heralded as one of the most popular artists in the world, the aforementioned venue capacity is a huge advantage. On the one hand, a greater number of fans get to experience the spectacle together. On the other, more revenue generated leads to more concerts in the future.

Alternatively, the Barclays Arena in New York is an indoor arena that also hosts concerts and is home to the Brooklyn Nets basketball team. However, due to being an indoor venue, its capacity only allows for around a quarter of what the MetLife Stadium can cater to. The use of outdoor arenas for mainstream artists’ concerts offers only pros as there are few limitations to allowing more people to witness the stars in the flesh.

In many major cities, there are venues dedicated solely to holding entertainment and music events, but perhaps the use of outdoor sporting arenas is the future. Surely more people attending and creating a huge atmosphere leads to an improved experience for all involved.

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