Premiere: The Sound Of Monday Taps Into Our Deepest Feelings With New Single, ‘The Keeper Of The Mood’

The Sound Of Monday return with their brand new single, ‘The Keeper Of The Mood’. Following on from their recent release, ‘Hey, Inconsiderate!’, and just as upbeat and catchy, ‘The Keeper Of The Mood’ reaches back to the 1960s and pulls out some groovy bossa nova rhythms and pairs them with lyrics about very relatable, modern day problems.

Dave Jay Gerstein has been in the music business for 45 years now, and both this long range experience and his previous life as a comedian are both reflected in the new track. Superbly put together with catchy rhythms that take you back to the discotheques and hip happening night clubs, Gerstein also makes good use of his talent for effortlessly stringing words together.

Maintaining the characteristic tongue-in-cheek songwriting of The Sound Of Monday’s previous releases, ‘The Keeper Of The Mood’ keeps the listener on their toes – tapping style – from the very first note right through to the final chorus. It’s to be recommended that you start listening from a standing position, because you won’t remain in your seat very long. Your hips will start to swing, and your shoulders will sway as you are swept away by the groovy bass and hi-hat propelled drumline – not to mention the superb horns.

For all its joviality, ‘The Keeper Of The Mood’ has a more personal meaning for Dave. He had been in an unhealthy relationship, but even so after she had gone, he still had feelings, stemming from their time together, both good and bad. The song was inspired by a quote from ‘The Beatles Anthology’, by Derek Taylor:

“I was fueled by the certainty that … I had this other function: I was still representing, if you like, ‘the old days’. I think there are still people out there who linger on after the mood’s gone: the keepers of the mood.”

‘The Keepers Of The Mood’ is wholly relatable – we’ve all had times in our lives where we’ve not been able to let go of those people that linger on – much as we try. They’re still engraved in our memories and we can’t buff them out. Eventually their image tarnishes and fades, but that might take years.

The music video, directed by Anthony Sabino, makes use of The Sound Of Monday’s character acting, in order to artistically portray each line of lyric. Dave is tied up in front of a TV screen, showing static, symbolising how both he and his attention are held hostage. Much use is made of props, effects, and imagery to clearly show the words as both metaphors and symbolic. These scenes are interspersed with black and white clips of Dave performing ‘The Keeper Of The Mood’, singing into an old-time microphone, and dancing along to the tune.

‘The Keeper Of The Mood’ is out now and can be streamed and downloaded here. You can also watch the lyric video here. Check out The Sound Of Monday and their music online on their official website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Watch the video for ‘The Keeper Of The Mood’ below:

The Sound of Monday - The Keeper of the Mood (Official Music Video)

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