Come Monday: We Speak With The Sound Of Monday’s Dave Jay Gerstein And Ask Him Who He Considers To Be Inconsiderate, His Music, And New Single, ‘Hey, Inconsiderate!’

The world feels like it’s going to hell in a hand basket, and people are caught up in their own worlds, with little consideration for others. The Sound Of Monday’s new single, ‘Hey, Inconsiderate!’ therefore really spoke to us, so we asked Dave Jay Gerstein, the man behind the song, a few questions about his own feelings on the matter.

The Sound Of Monday Fights Back Against Those Who Don’t Look Out For Others With New Rock Song, ‘Hey, Inconsiderate!

Everyone’s been there. You get on the train and someone squashes right into your face when they could just as easily have moved a little. Or you’re walking along the footpath and a car drives right through a puddle and completely soaks you. Dave Jay Gerstein of The Sound Of Monday knows it all too well, and the New York power pop group tells it like it is in their new single, ‘Hey, Inconsiderate!’.