Come Monday: We Speak With The Sound Of Monday’s Dave Jay Gerstein And Ask Him Who He Considers To Be Inconsiderate, His Music, And New Single, ‘Hey, Inconsiderate!’

The world feels like it’s going to hell in a hand basket, and people are caught up in their own worlds, with little consideration for others. The Sound Of Monday’s new single, ‘Hey, Inconsiderate!’ therefore really spoke to us, so we asked Dave Jay Gerstein, the man behind the song, a few questions about his own feelings on the matter.

Hi Dave! Thanks for speaking to us today!

My pleasure.  Thanks for validating my parking!

What does Monday sound like to you?

Monday sounds like a cacophonous symphony of melodic malady, harmonic hysterics, linguistic misdemeanors, and wondrous Wonka-isms, only back to front, inside out, upside down, and in Technicolor!

I’m just listening to your song, ‘Hey Inconsiderate!’ – was there any specific person that inspired the song, or is it directed to inconsiderate people as a group?

While it is directed at all “inconsiderates” at large, the idea for the song came about while riding on a busy NYC subway.  The car was packed, but I’d managed to get a seat, only for some NY Times reader looming above, newsrag spread eagle, jailing me in his paper and ink cell.  My brain was screaming, “Hey, ‘Inconsiderate’!  Get off’a me!”, but he blithely ignored the telepathy.

Afterward, amused at having thought of him as an “inconsiderate”, I’d picked up my acrimoniously fueled pen and emotively charged guitar, and voila—a self revelatory rage on those rude-n-reviled.

For whatever reason – perhaps social media – people seem to care less beyond their own bubble than they used to. Why do you think people are inconsiderate?

I concur with this sad observation, although it is possible humanity has always been this way.  Perhaps the difference now is that there’s less spirituality and personal responsibility in the world, or that’s how it feels sometimes.

These days, some people seem to only care about the bubbles of others for the purpose of  lancing ‘em.

We’ve become self-seeking missiles, impending explosions, if not properly disarmed in time.

I think people generally tend to be self interested, (and I’m no exception), so the perspective that one’s behavior is inconsiderate may just be clearer to the end receiver.  The perpetrator is just going about their business, unless otherwise self aware, and/or, an anxious over-thinker, as in my case. Mugs an imagined TV camera and winks.

What’s the worst example of someone having been inconsiderate to you (no names needed)!

Whoa, boy…lemme consult the archives. 

I have this brain laden Library of Incidents haphazardly filed by Dewey Decimal System, and its tragic memories replay their horror shows over and over in my frontal lobe screening room—don’t worry, I’m seeking help.

I can think of examples that were heinous or cruel, but those cross the line past inconsideration, right??

So, here’s one filed under “group inconsideration”, ‘cuz company loves misery:

I remember playing a solo/acoustic gig where the club had two large screen TVs on either side of the stage.  A college football game was on, and the folks in the audience were rooting—but not for me. 

Having aticipated a woeful evening at the sight of the setup, I’d asked the bartender and club manager to turn off the TVs before I was to take the stage, but they’d refused.  Out of poor judgement, thirst for a modicum of challenge, lack of self esteem, or all three, I went on, (to be fair, there was a fourth reason—I’d always believed in that showbiz credo, “the show must go on!”).  Thus, the show went on to the disinterest and annoyance of the patrons.

After a while, and grasping at straws, my causticly shticky comedic defense mechanism kicked in, and I turned to dedicate my next song to the ref on screen, who I’d announced was an old family friend, and helped me get my big break performing at sports bars.  Predictably, it didn’t go over very well.

To make matters worse, their favorite team was losing, and they routinely booed.  May as well have been for me.  The final score escapes my memory, but my show was definitely shut out by a humiliating margin.

I love the music video, with you as the main character abused by inconsiderate people all day – and then realising that coming home late means you’re also inconsiderate. It’s a great message about being concerned with the well-being of others. But I have one question about it – why are you in a padded cell at times?


I really appreciate your observation.  My attitude is, it’s easy to point the finger, but more often worthwhile to point the thumb.

I’m also a character actor and storyteller, and enjoyed participating in the vid.

Funny, we shot the padded cell stuff with a green screen, meaning, there were only lights and a green background when we shot it, ‘cuz the technology allows you to insert a digital background later on in the editing process. We weren’t sure what background we were going to use at the time, but my friend and colleague, Evan Seplow from theimagefactory, with whom I collaborated on the video, came up with that padded cell image, and I immediately liked it—‘cuz rude behavior drives me nuts, even certifiably, given the chance!

Who came up with the concept for the video?

I just mentioned Evan, who is the production’s ingenious co-writer, casting agent, director, videographer, and editor.  We sat down and riffed ideas about different examples of people acting out inconsiderately around our fair city.  I was sure to include the real life aforementioned subway incident that kicked off the whole idea, but it was Ev who came up with the clever topper at the end.

What’s next for The Sound Of Monday? What can fans expect?

Fans can always expect a genuine mix of clever wordplay, a sometimes silly sense of fun, not to mention complex depthity (I like making up words), and periodically dark underbelly.

More specifically, “Hey, Inconsiderate!” is the first single from our forthcoming EP, Quick Ear Warmer, which drops (but doesn’t break—we had it Humpty Dumpty-proofed), on Tuesday, October 11th.  On that very date, The Sound of Monday will be hosting a release party gig live at Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 1 in NYC at 7PM sharp.  Please be sure to come by and say “Greetings, Earthling!”, so I can prove to my bandmates that we have otherworldly support.

We have another single coming out on October 4th, called “The Keeper of the Mood”–please look out for that awesome video as well.  You’re really gonna dig it.

At the end of October, I’ll be in LA to record some cool songs with Charles Newman at Mother West to follow up the success of our cover of the “Spiderman Theme”, (which has over 5 million streams and counting!).

Plus, we have more releases planned in 2023.

And, lastly, we’ll be continuing along our J’Blammo Pop Music, (come up with your own word, you’ve got your own genre), journey from here to Yes-ville, so please join us, won’t you??

Finally, what question do you wish someone would ask you in an interview, but nobody ever does?

Nobody’s ever asked me about what inspired me to write my first song, and I possess a nostalgic fondness for the backstory.  So, here’s what happened…

I’d started watching TV reruns of The Monkees as a seven year old in the mid-70’s, and was immediately struck by their humor, catchy music, and the fact that the girls chased them everywhere.  I immediately thought, “That’s the job for me!!”.

When I was about eight, I’d had my first crush–a girl in my class named Jen.  The unrequited puppy love lasted for years, and became a running gag between us.  None of this lessened the lengths I’d go to impress her. 

One of those inspirations came as a result of already desiring to be “the 5th Monkee”, so when I was nine, I made up a melody, and wrote the words to my first song, called ‘Cause Girl I Love You.  That summer of 1978, I went to my third year of summer camp, and was fortunate to have a counselor named Marshall Zucker, who was a jazz musician.  I’d asked him if we could sit down at the piano, and I sang him the song, would he help me find the right chords?  We did just that, and to this day, I can still play the ditty, (I was thirteen when I’d started guitar lessons).  This led to wanting to write more and more songs!  It’s a form ripe for my attention span.

Check out the video for ‘Hey, Inconsiderate!’ below, and find out more about The Sound Of Monday and their music online on their official website,
FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. Read our review of ‘Hey, Inconsiderate!’ here.

The Sound of Monday - "Hey, Inconsiderate!" (Official Music Video)

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