The Sound Of Monday Fights Back Against Those Who Don’t Look Out For Others With New Rock Song, ‘Hey, Inconsiderate!

Everyone’s been there. You get on the train and someone squashes right into your face when they could just as easily have moved a little. Or you’re walking along the footpath and a car drives right through a puddle and completely soaks you. Dave Jay Gerstein of The Sound Of Monday knows it all too well, and the New York power pop group tells it like it is in their new single, ‘Hey, Inconsiderate!’.

It isn’t exactly typical behaviour for rock musicians to be known for having consideration for others, but even they get to the stage where they just can’t take obnoxious selfishness anymore. With ‘Hey, Inconsiderate!’, Dave Jay Gerstein has not only written a song about it, telling it like it is, he’s also provided catharsis for himself, and a war cry for the rest of us.

Over the time of the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve all withdrawn into ourselves and forgotten how to act in public; some would argue that, in New York City especially, people didn’t know how to act socially even before that. Regardless, it’s time for all of us, now that we’ve started coming back into society, to have some consideration for others, and be aware of our surroundings.

On ‘Hey, Inconsiderate!’, The Sound Of Monday is kicking back at all those space-stealers, road hogs, egotistical interrupters, and those who speak too loudly in a quiet location. They’re not mean about it, but it’s slightly more than tongue in cheek, and the track is as catchy as it is relatable.

The music video for ‘Hey, Inconsiderate!’, directed by Evan Seplow, is colourful, fun, and at times hilarious, as we follow Dave Jay Gerstein throughout his day, suffering the everyday indignities we all know too well. Selfish behaviour is everywhere, from subway riders, pedestrians on the footpath, even dogs. We sympathise with him on his journey, until he reaches home – and we realise that we can be just as inconsiderate ourselves.
Check out the video for ‘Hey, Inconsiderate!’ below, and find out more about The Sound Of Monday and their music online on their official website,
Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also read our interview with The Sound Of Monday’s Dave Jay Gerstein here.

The Sound of Monday - "Hey, Inconsiderate!" (Official Music Video)

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