Jim Peterik Gives His All In New Single With Pride Of Lions, ‘All That’s Mine To Give’

We’ve written about Colin Peterik before, and now we introduce you to the OG, his father Jim, whose work you will already no doubt be familiar with, from his time writing with Survivor, as well as .38 Special, Cheap Trick, REO Speedwagon, The Ides of March, and other world-famous bands.

Jim’s new single, ‘All That’s Mine To Give’, sees him return with his latest project, Pride Of Lions, a contemporary pop-rock duo comprising Jim and vocalist Toby Hitchcock.

‘All That’s Mine To Give’, written by Jim Peterik, is about that near madness experienced by all lovers: that the relationship will last forever, will stay the same the whole time, that they as individuals are worthy of affection, and their lover will always find them so. Toby Hitchcock sums the feeling up well as he sings, “there’s a certain type of crazy that will always keep us sane”. We know deep down that it’s unlikely to be true, but we still enter into love hoping that this time will be different.

Romantic songs like this are, to an extent, Jim’s stock in trade; he knows what he’s talking about and how to put it down in words and match it perfectly with a melody – one that shines as brightly as the diamond in a wedding ring. ‘All That’s Mine To Give’ makes for the perfect celebration song, whether it be an engagement, the first dance at a wedding, or a golden anniversary. Toby Hitchcock’s vocals, passionate and earnest, make for a fantastic pairing with the romantic ballad’s sound.

Just like Jim Peterik, Toby Hitchcock is a skilled artist who is able to embrace the sound of the current era as well as that of the timeless sound of 80s arena rock. ‘All That’s Mine To Give’ sees Hitchcock apply his gorgeous vocals to the strong melody, imbuing the statement of eternal devotion with heartfelt sincerity.

‘All That’s Mine To Give’ is accompanied by a lyric video that would easily serve as a backdrop for all the above-mentioned celebrations of love. The words flow on the screen like an invitation, while we see images of lovers kissing, holding hands, watching sunsets together, and above all else, enjoying being together. While each couple is different to all the others, they have that one thing in common – they’re dedicated to each other above all else.

Watch the music video for ‘All That’s Mine To Give’ below, and find out more about Jim Peterik and his music online on his official website, Facebook, and Twitter.

Jim Peterik - All That's Mine to Give [Lyric Video]

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