Locations Have Certainly Got The ‘Moves’ With New Indie Rock Single And Video!

If you’ve ever wondered how tv shows or films find such great places to shoot, it’s all down to the location scouts. In New York City, for instance, you’re far better asking a scout for the great and appealing places to put on the ‘Gram – those sites of visual, architectural, and even accidental beauty – than a city planner, because it’s their job to seek them out. Brooklyn rock band Locations are indeed scouts, and they’re so proud of what they do that they named their band for it.

And just like other musicians, Locations believe strongly in musicians’ values, which align closely with those in other branches of the entertainment industry. They are all for worker’s solidarity, they speak out – and LOUDLY – about corruption, and they believe that healthcare is a human right, despite governments claiming that it’s a radical way of thinking.

The latest single for Locations, ‘Moves’, is a veritable party-starter, funky and danceable, while still being sleek and sexy. There’s more to the song than just the rhythms however: it’s got an undercurrent political theme that was sparked by a major health crisis close to home. One of their members was immobilised by illness, causing the rest of the band to reflect on just how important healthcare is, and it reaffirmed their commitment to the necessity of universal coverage at point of access. While ‘Moves’ is on the one hand a shout out to the joy we feel in getting down to music, it also serves to remind us that freedom is only truly possible when we can be guaranteed our quality of living isn’t at stake. Locations have made their voices heard loud and clear, speaking on behalf of the New York Health Act, a groundbreaking piece of legislation that would guarantee universal coverage in that state. ‘Moves’ is designed to raise consciousness about the Campaign for New York Health, an advocacy group organised to get the NY Health Act passed.

The music video for ‘Moves’ sees Locations take to the streets they know so well and ask the people they meet to listen to their song. It’s been done before, most notably by CAKE in their video for ‘Short Skirt/Long Jacket’, but it’s no less effective as the travel around Brooklyn with a set of headphones, recording the genuine human reactions as people first encounter their music.

Follow Locations online on their official website, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also check out the video for ‘Moves’ below – let us know in the comments what you think!

Locations - Moves (Official Video)

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