Martina Armour Releases New Track, ‘Knife’

On the 24th February, the lovely Martina Armour released her brand new single ‘Knife’.

Her first single, ‘Trouble’ was released back in July of 2019. ‘Trouble’ has now surpassed 15k streams on Spotify and has appeared on multiple playlists. Now, the singers back with her simplistic yet effective new track. Martina’s angelic vocals flows beautifully alongside the dreamlike sound. It’s a very calming song that you should listen to if you want to relax – maybe listen to whilst meditating or when you’re trying to sleep. Let Martina take you away on a spiritual plane.

Lyrically, Martina has a way with words that will leave you speechless. She is a natural born storyteller when it comes to writing songs. Having a passion for music ever since she was a little girl, she decided that she was going to chase her dreams by moving to LA to take the next step in her musical career.

The Swedish born singer was a contestant in the Opening Act event at the Hollywood Bowl! She was placed in the top 64 out of 3000 artists. From this, she gained more attention and has now been put on the radar.

Why not go and show Martina some support? ‘Knife’ and ‘Trouble’ can be streamed via Spotify. Go follow her Facebook and Instagram to see what she has planned in the future! We’re excited to see just how far Martina can go!

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