Write A Letter: We Speak With Hip Hop Artist Deige About Latest Single, ‘Letter To My Past’, His Inspirations, And What Question He Wishes Someone Would Ask Him

By now you will have read our review of ‘Letter To My Past‘, by young hip hop artist, Deige. Now we bring to you our interview with the man himself.

Thanks for speaking to us! We’ve just written about your song, ‘Letter To My Past’ – what inspired you to write it and did you find it a cathartic experience?

My inspiration comes from a past lover, someone that I identified as a partner but me and her could never work things out due to arguments and availability. My love and passion is on my music and it wasn’t something she wanted to hear but throughout the song I still express that even though I love my passion I always wished we could work out as well.

You’ve always had music in your family, with an uncle and cousin both involved in rap and hip hop. Did you always know you would head down that path? What would you have done if you’d not got into music?

I always knew I would be famous or well known but it took me years to know it would be because of music. In all honesty I wanted to get into being a singer/actor before rapping which is why I am more of a melodic rapper/artist in general. If it wasn’t for music I would have probably followed into social media marketing or fully took on acting.

‘Letter To My Past’ talks about focusing on yourself, and not being held back by anyone else. Do you follow your own example, and was it difficult to get to that point?

Truthfully for years I didn’t follow this mindset and it held me back. I was always so infatuated with love that I would choose love and people over my purpose and that’s something I’m glad I changed. Letter to my Past was me telling myself to focus on me even when I regret losing a relationship as a result.

What’s the songwriting process like for you?

The songwriting process for me starts with the production. When I made this beat specifically I heard a lot of Brent Faiyaz and I admire how he tells stories within music. But after making the beat it was almost effortless to write the hook and verses because the beat sets the tone whenever I write lyrics.

What can fans expect next from Diege? Concerts? More releases?

The fans can expect more releases, more content and just more about me. Now with my platform I can truly show people what makes me different from other artists which is my relatability within catchy hooks and production. I don’t intend on stopping the consistency either.

Finally, and I ask this question of everyone I interview: what question do you wish someone would ask you in an interview, but nobody ever does? And what is the answer to that question?

I wished that someone would ask me something about an embarrassing story that involves my craft because as an artist I have many stories for that one. I remember I made a song for an ex and promoted it on Instagram and she didn’t like it and my friends were joking about it and in the moment I was mad but years later I listened to it and was like “Truthfully this song was bad she was just honest” haha, I respected how honest she was and it pushed me to be greater as well. 

Watch the music video for ‘Letter To My Past’, below, and catch up with Deige on Instagram. Be sure also to read our interview with the artist himself.

Deige- Letter to My Past (Official Lyric Video)

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