Now Endeavor – ‘You Know Me’ 

Now Endeavor is made up of duo Just Pete and Thom The Disco Spider, a pair of musicians from Detroit whose latest single, ‘You Know Me’, from their most recent EP, ‘Survival’, along with its animated video, is a profound statement of faith in benevolence – pay it forward, reap good karma, do something good today, and you may benefit from it tomorrow.

The New Endeavor project has always been characterised by positive thinking, with the songwriters and vocalists always choosing no to follow trends but instead adopting their own brand of pop, one which pulls deeply from the well of soul, hip-hop, classic rock, electronic blues, RnB, and heck, why not throw in some modern jazz as well. There’s an instinctive, spontaneous vibe to all their music, which cuts well with the jazz aspect of their sound, and their sense of playfulness is omnipresent. ‘You Know Me’ is less than 3 minutes long but it doesn’t need to be any longer than that, its message is clear and honest, telling us to stay alert, remain open minded, ready for anything, because life changes fast and takes left turns when we least expect it.

The video for ‘You Know Me’ sees the animated versions of Pete and Thom being just as energetic and lively as the real thing. They’re on the road, driving through world filled with doom and destruction, but yet they stay as optimistic as they possibly can, despite the danger. They encounter a cat crying, stuck in the attic of a burning building, and of course, they immediately pull over to rescue the animal, which naturally follows with all three becoming great friends for life. How lovely is that!

You can find out more about the bounteous positivity of Now Endeavor from their Twitter account. Watch the clip for ‘You Know Me’ below.

Now Endeavor - You Know Me (Official Music Video)

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