Always The Same Bowl: AztroGrizz Tell Us What Colorado Means To Them, And Why They Wrote A Love Song To The Centennial State

Last week we wrote about Colorado duo AztroGrizz and their latest single, ‘The Colorado Song‘. While it’s a rap song, that in no way means it’s not a proud and stirring ode of their home state, and we feel it’s just as worthy of being recognised as the John Denver classic, ‘Rocky Mountain High’, which is one of two state songs for Colorado. We spoke to AztroGrizz about this, as well as a few other questions about their music.

Hello! Thanks for speaking to us!

Your latest track, ‘The Colorado Song’, is like a love letter to your home state. Tell us why you wrote it, and why Colorado inspires you?

It’s the bowl. There are so many ingredients and influences as to what brings certain sounds out in various songs of ours but the bowl we mix it in is always the same. It’s our home and we love our home. It deserves a love letter.

Have you made enquiries about Colorado Tourism using the song and video to promote the state? It’d be perfect!

We have and have been in discussions with a few including the Colorado Rockies but nothing finalized yet.

Your songs read like poetry. What’s the songwriting process for you? Do you come up with the words first, or the tune, or is it a mixture of both?

Usually the tune inspires the mood, which inspires the melody, which inspires the words.

The video for ‘The Colorado Song’ is exquisite! Did you have any say in what was included in the clip, or did you let the director have free reign?

We let our director Adam Asdel, have free reign. He is from Colorado as well and is very talented at his craft so we knew the collaboration was going to be special.

If you had to describe Colorado in 3 words, what would they be? And do you feel you embody the spirit of Colorado? In what way?

Divine, Natural, and Truthful.

I don’t know that we embody that but we do have a bit of a tone and message in our songs. We are so quick to hate each other these days and we all take ourselves a bit too seriously. So many are so quick to point out the misdeeds of others and so few seem to be grounded in love and empathy. The state, Colorado, our state, is above all that. It quiets all the noise so you can find your truth. There’s cool spots, and man-made places in CO too, but the song isn’t about that.
Finally, and I ask this question of everyone I interview – what question do you wish someone would ask you in an interview, but nobody ever does? And what is the answer to that question?

To be honest, we probably haven’t been interviewed quite enough to have a question we wish more interviewers would ask. We definitely prefer more specific and thought provoking questions over broad stroke kind of questions like “name 3 artists that inspired you”..  Thanks for your questions, we enjoyed answering them!  -AG

AztroGrizz can be found online on their official websiteFacebook, and Instagram. You can watch the video for ‘The Colorado Song’ below. Make sure you also check out our review for ‘The Colorado Song’ here.

AztroGrizz- The Colorado Song (Official Music Video)

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