Good Morning Starshine: ‘Star Child’ From Sisteria Is A Psychedelic Dream Caught Up In A Black And White Haze

‘Star Child’ is the first single from Sisteria’s upcoming debut album, ‘Dark Matter’, and sets the tone for what lays ahead. ‘Dark Matter’ is set for release on August 19, via Horton Records.

Right from their very name it’s clear that Oklahoma band, Sisteria have a mission, and a galactic one at that. Led by front woman Katie Williams, a folk-singer lately turned rock goddess, the band takes a deep dive into psychedelia, producing an impressive first single in ‘Star Child’.

Accompanied by a black and white video capturing the band in full flight, the song channels Jefferson Airplane, with Williams doing her very best Grace Slick impression (together with tambourine). The band amps up this comparison a few more notches by way of their use of Hammond organ, and fuzzy guitars, which towards the end all blur into a haze of electronica and percussive prog rock rhythms.

The song could easily have sprung from the ‘Hair’ soundtrack.

Watching the video you become very aware of just how deeply committed Sisteria are to their 1960s vibe, we especially enjoyed the bow-drawn guitar playing, which found its happy place during the near-cacophony of the final section of the track.

A nice touch was the almost back-masked sounding piece at the end, and we can’t help but wonder what they are hiding – maybe Paul is dead after all?

Speaking about ‘Star Child’, Katie Williams said,

Thanks to Steve Boaz ‘wicked imagination and quick fingers, we have ‘Star Child’. This song is for the freaks and geeks of the universe. We all have those internal and external voices telling us we should be ashamed of who we are. Dimming our light to fit into society has become some kind of right of passage upon entering adulthood. Star Child reminds us where we come from and that there are no mistakes or misfits in the stratosphere. Don’t let those demons win that tell you you’re not good enough. “Never forget that you are made of stars, look up to the sky and never forget. Up into the world, up into the universe, YOU ARE GALACTIC.”

Watch the video for ‘Star Child’ below. Dark Matter is set for release on August 19, and we can’t wait to find out what other treasures Sisteria have in store for us.

Sisteria- Star Child

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