Cool Set Talk To Us About Their New Single, ‘Summer Retro’, Their Post Pandemic Plans, And Their Inspirations

Comprising Jose Sandoval and Tex Sirisawat, Cool Set are from Dallas, Texas. Prior to coming together as a duo, the pair were chasing their individual dreams, with Jose in an indie-rock band back in 2012, then attending the Musician’s Institute, in California – he also saw his single, ‘Unwind’, go viral on Spotify, garnering more than a million streams. Tex played with a variety of punk and indie rock bands, changing from keyboards, to drums. One of his bands managed to get signed to Idol Records.

Cool Set’s debut single, ‘Summer Retro’, has taken about a year to complete, thanks to Covid. The summery, electronic-pop track serves as a great introduction to the pair and their sound, and comes with a gorgeous music video, shot in and around Los Angeles, and taking in the sights that will be instantly familiar to anyone who’s visited the City Of Angels.

Watch the music video for ‘Summer Retro’ below. Lisa caught up with Cool Set and asked them about them, their new song, and their music. You can check out Cool Set online on Instagram.

Cool Set - Summer Retro (Official Music Video)

Hi there, thanks for agreeing to speak to us! In brief, what’s the Cool Set story? How did you meet, and what was it that made you decide to start a duo together?

We met through a mutual friend. After meeting we decided to start playing shows together and after playing shows around town for a good year and a half, we decided to make a collaborative album. At first it was just going to be a Kidfight (Tex) Sandovall (Jose) Collab but we decided to take it further and make it an electro pop group called ‘Cool Set’.

Your new single, ‘Summer Retro’, comes with a music video shot in LA, including Santa Monica Pier, Venice Beach, and Beverly Hills. As someone who has enjoyed a lot of time in LA, I think it’s perfect, but what was your thinking behind the choice of that location? I’m loving the retro filter too by the way!

We felt that Retro summer had a classic California beach type vibe to it from the very beginning! So towards the end of the record, Tex really made it happen! It was such a blast! We love The L.A. hustle and food and culture! Thank you for the compliment! We also love the Retro filter!

Explain briefly how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected you as individuals and as Cool Set. Have you found it to be entirely negative, or has the pandemic taught you to be more creative and resourceful with your time and music? In a post-Covid world, what are your plans for the duo? Will you be touring?

Ahhh the Pandemic has personally kicked my ass physically and emotionally.. It’s been a tough time getting used to friends losing loved ones.. so RIP to all the wonderful souls we’ve lost so far.

Musically, it allowed me to spend hours behind Maschine and Logic Pro and experiment with sounds and Genres. I think it really helped us on ‘Cool Set’ to find what we were looking for in terms of groove and sound.

You came together as individual artists to form a duo – what were each of your musical inspirations, and is there some overlap? What inspires each of you on a personal level as well?

I’m really into House music. I love Duke Dumont and SOFI TUKKER. Also love Pop. Love what Lil Nas X is doing!

Anyone with good energy inspires me!

Tex is really into the 80s/electronic. But we’ve been exploring more funk as well lately.

I think anything with a great groove and hook will inspire us in some way. We just love music!

If you could go back in time and start your music careers over again, what, if anything, would you do differently, and why?

There was a time early on where I had to label offers for my song ‘Unwind’. I took my time and I didn’t sign the contract fast enough because I thought I’d have more coming but the deals fell through and no other offers came.

My older self would tell my younger self to sign right away and play the game.

You always gotta listen to your gut. Focus on songwriting and not so much, genres, per se. At the end of the day people want a great song and that can come from anywhere.

Finally – and I ask this of everyone I interview – What question do you wish someone would ask you in an interview, but nobody ever does?

Haha I wish someone would ask me what my favourite colour is…

It’s green. Thanks for asking! – Jose

No idea. I’m just glad someone wants to interview me at all! – Tex

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