Eddie Cohn – ‘Animals’ (REMIX) 

The last time we saw LA producer and singer-songwriter Eddie Cohn was back in May, with is post-industrial video for ‘Animals’, a song and video written in response to the chaos of 2020, the violent nature of human beings, and our striking similarities to animals. He keeps releasing video after video for the song, and it’s hard to keep up! He’s not one afraid to pack a punch, and although the DJ has already accomplished a lot of depth with the song, he’s still finding more, and with this brand new remix, he dives deeper, and re-imagines it yet again.

The ‘Animals (REMIX)’ is similarly as mysterious as the previous release, and sees Eddie continue to mix genres, with the production causing listeners to feel as though they’re travelling deep into the future, or perhaps an underground nightclub. Hypnotising, with a backing track that is airy while mixed with sharp and precise beats, we’re caught up in a trance that we find difficult to escape from. The words on ‘Animals (REMIX)’ remain the same as the original, yet the vocals echo mesmerisingly, serving to not just enhance that song, but also add a new level of mystery.

The video for ‘Animals (REMIX)’, was shot in Cohn’s hometown of Los Angeles, and opens with Eddie standing in what seems to almost be an apocalyptic version of the city. The camera fades in and out of focus with each passing frame, grey undertones replacing the warm airiness from the first video. The mysterious feeling grows as the story unfolds. We see a person barely dressed, while a mask filled with grass covers their face. There’s also someone dressed in white, hands coming from behind to cover their eyes. More faces, wearing make-up pop up in the surrounding water and plants. It’s altogether a nightmarish, almost fever dream, but in all it’s the perfect accompaniment to the haunting remix.

Watch the new music video below, and keep up with Eddie Cohn and his music online on his official website.

Eddie Cohn - Animals - REMIX (Official Music Video)

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