Eddie Cohn – ‘Animals’ (REMIX) 

The last time we saw LA producer and singer-songwriter Eddie Cohn was back in May, with is post-industrial video for ‘Animals’, a song and video written in response to the chaos of 2020, the violent nature of human beings, and our striking similarities to animals. He keeps releasing video after video for the song, and it’s hard to keep up! He’s not one afraid to pack a punch, and although the DJ has already accomplished a lot of depth with the song, he’s still finding more, and with this brand new remix, he dives deeper, and re-imagines it yet again.

Eddie Cohn – ‘Animals’

The music video for ‘Animals’, the latest single from singer-songwriter Eddie Cohn, sees Los Angeles presented by Cohn and director Leslie Andrew Ridings as a mirage: an urban dream rising from a post-industrial landscape. But they’ve not done it with film manipulation, but rather, they let LA do it by herself; they’ve set up on the periphery of the city, and allowed the unique radiance of Southern California and the overwhelming presence of natural light to carry the video into a parallel world. Meanwhile Cohn serves as our guide to this striking Los Angeles, and he shares a side of this cultured city that’s often overlooked.