Greg Hoy – ‘Move Along’

Back in February Greg Hoy defied the winter weather and the gloom of the pandemic with an outdoor set at independent music venue, Winters Tavern, and for his latest clip, for his new single, ‘Move Along’, he’s opening the doors and taking us inside.

We see Hoy alone on stage in an empty room, but his very presence there serves as a celebration of Winters Tavern’s survival and a promise of happy nights to come.

Greg Hoy is precisely the sort of artist that independent venues were created to serve: an endlessly creative, courageous rock songwriter whose music encourages camaraderie. His latest studio album, ‘Cacophony’, has the feel of a live show, with danceable beats, muscular and catchy guitar riffs, and melodies that are designed to grab the listener by the collar. Hoy performs like he’s right there in front of you and determined to reach you. While ‘Move Along’ isn’t as frantic as some of the other pub rock party-starters on the record, the beat is still rock solid, the tune is irresistible, and Greg Hoy’s performance is just as nuanced, just as smart, and immediately appealing.

The clip for ‘Move Along’ captures Hoy in action, and even though there’s no crowd in the club to work, it isn’t hard to admire his natural quality, or how expressive he can be, or how utterly committed he is to the song he’s singing. Yes, the room around him is curiously still: we’re not over this tragedy yet. But we’re coming back, and Greg Hoy will be there – and for sure, Winters Tavern will be there, too.

Watch the video for ‘Move Along’ below. Greg Hoy is online on his official website.

Greg Hoy - Move Along (Official Music Video)

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