Tim Plvnk

Tim Plvnk’s ‘Cookie Dough’ Hits That Sweet Spot

Bopping its way out of Universal Music Germany right now is the undeniably catchy pop treat ‘Cookie Dough,’ which has been written and produced by Tim Plvnk. The artist behind ‘JUST TONIGHT’ and ‘I JUST WANT YOU’ comes good once again with this sparky little tune, and it really does linger in the mind.

We can already picture the cookie dough dances on TikTok! Check its chirpy vocals and irreverent melody to catch our drift. Its producer explains:

“With ‘Cookie Dough,’ my team and I wanted to make a track that spreads joy and positivity throughout. ‘Cookie Dough’ is a synonym for the goals each one of us wants to achieve in life. We’ve tried to include this idea by creating a funny story between and man and woman that leaves much room for interpretation.”

This one is available to stream below.

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