Greg Hoy – ‘Highway 101’

Regular readers of EP will be no strangers to Greg Hoy, we’ve been covering his releases for a while now, and each time he ups his game to what feels like an unreachable level, only to surpass it with the next. His new single, ‘Highway 101’, is the lead track from ‘Cacophony 2’, his second of 3 EP releases. Like all of his songs, there’s a deep story within the words, yet there’s something else that’s going to attract your attention first.

Greg Hoy – ‘Here Comes The Light’

Greg Hoy has worn many different hats, working under many different names over the past 15 years. The singer songwriter, multi instrumentalist, recording producer and engineer, has had a hand in more than 30 albums over that time, but now he’s just performing under his own name. His first of 3 EPs, ‘Cacophony 1’, deep dives into the creativity of various life extremes like births, deaths, fires, and riots, which works well with a word that is defined as a harsh, discordant mixture of sounds: we’re certainly surrounded by a lot of overwhelming noise in this current climate; but music, as always, is our salvation and way free.