Dennis J. Leise – ‘Dipshits’

We saw out 2019 with our review of Dennis J. Leise’s song, ‘Nobody’s Comin‘, a gospel song for atheists. It’s pretty firmly established that Leise isn’t afraid to step on a few toes, push some buttons, if it means he gets his message across. The same can be said for his new single, ‘Dipshits’, another stand out from his latest album, ‘State Of Fairs’.

While ‘Dipshits’ isn’t quite as overt as ‘Nobody’s Comin’ in terms of getting his message across, it’s certainly got a lot to say regardless. Dennis has captured the feeling once more – at a time when people seem more content to view the world through a screen and via social media rather than experience it for themselves, many of us are frustrated with those who are more focused on capturing the moment, for the sake of an online buzz, than actually being present in the real world. It’s these people – the dipshits – that Leise focuses on.

We’ve already seen that Leise is a man with a sense of humour, and he is no less so in the lyric video for ‘Dipshits’, whose inspiration came from a roadside sign, which warned drivers of distracted bicycling. Taking that thought a step further, he imagines what else in history might be blamed on a distracted train conductor, or a distracted zeppelin pilot. Leise’s warm voice, intoning “DIP-shits!”, delivered dryly, with gallows humour, will be left resounding in your head, and have you considering the times when you too, could possibly have been guilty of a little “dipshit” behaviour.

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Watch the video for ‘Dipshits’:

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