Take A Preview Into SODA BLONDE’s Upcoming Second Album

One of the biggest names in the Irish alt-pop scene, Soda Blonde have been rising up the Emerald Isle charts for some time now. The group’s highly acclaimed 2021 full-length debut release, ‘Small Talk’, has gained millions of streams across multiple platforms, and has established the group as one of the best in the scene in the wake of the dissolution of Little Green Cars, the group’s chart-topping precursor. Soon, with the release of ‘Dream Big’, coming in September, the group are set to shoot even further up the charts.

As previously mentioned, the band’s origins are heavily tied together with a previous Irish alt-rock band, Little Green Cars. After breaking the Irish charts in 2013 and 2016, the latter group slowly started to decline, and dissolved in 2019, with four of the band’s five members jumping ship to form Soda Blonde. Their aforementioned 2021 debut album was later nominated for the Choice Music Prize, one of Ireland’s top music publications, and their other works have received similar levels of acclaim, including the singles ‘Bad Machine’ and ‘Midnight Show’, the latest releases from their second album, ‘Dream Big’.

Taking a look at the two currently available singles, the aforementioned ‘Bad Machine’ (which comes with a music video) and ‘Midnight Show’, we can visualise a picture of what ‘Dream Big’ is shaping up to be come September. ‘Bad Machine’ disguises emotive lyrics with an energetic melody and thumping percussion, while ‘Midnight Show’ expresses those same emotions with a much more heartfelt backing track. Overall, the two songs form a brilliant image of what to expect from the group’s latest album, which hits shelves on September 8th.

Watch the music video for ‘Bad Machine’ here and listen to ‘Midnight Show’ here.

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