Bree – ‘Broken’

Music provided a refuge for Bree when her family shunned her.

The Church Of The First Born, in Harrisburg, Oregon, is a religious cult, led by her father, whose practices include shunning medical care, and instead seek extreme faith healing. They allow no scientific intervention for any condition – no matter how life-threatening. It was because of this belief Bree lost her mother, whose life could have been saved had she undergone a simple medical procedure.

When she was 17, Bree left the church for good. Set adrift and cut off from the rest of her devout family, she found herself constantly in trouble – until she discovered music. From that moment she was able to channel all her frustration, and began creating music which finds its roots in early 70s rock, British invasion pop, and even classic country. Maybe there’s a touch of gospel here and there as well. ‘Broken’, the latest single released with Bree’s namesake band, comes from their new album ‘New Skin’, released on Werewolf Tunes. It’s tough, it’s mean, and it’s lean, and it’s got such a big noise it’s near impossible to believe it’s being made by only three people.

The music video for ‘Broken’ testifies to their power. Bree and her bandmates play like people possessed, the clip like an ad for their power packed live performances. In both appearance and energy we’re reminded of P!nk, and that’s certainly not a bad thing.

BREE - Broken (Official Music Video)

Find out more about Bree on their official website.

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