Calvin Cofield & Kimberly Rice Cofield – ‘I’m Straight’

‘I’m Straight’, by Calvin Cofield and Kimberly Rice-Cofield is a rap song with a difference. The video directs us to words from the Book of Isaiah, in the Old Testament. Chapter 53, Verse 5, talks about God’s sacrifice and man’s culpability; and the power of His Word to heal.

The song is catchy, and will lift you up with its uptempo rhythm and rhymes. The Cofields don’t mess with their words: they fill their raps with the Gospel, while at the same time, being unafraid to exhibit the pain that can be felt just from being alive. They know they’re not perfect; they know what challenges still lay before them in their lives – but that’s okay – they know that if they keep their focus on God and his power of redemption, all will be well.

‘I’m Straight’ races out like a bull at the gate, with the song riding along with a sizzling trap beat and synths and just enough gospel-style piano to keep it in line with Church. It’s professionally done all the way, big drums, unshakable swaggering optimism, and the talent of the artists themselves.

Kimberly says,

“I’m Straight is a declaration saying we’re straight on the things of the world. If it’s not about Jesus, we’re straight! Just give us Jesus!”

The video, created by Ray Knowledge, shows the artists dressed smartly a la classic hip hop; the setting is strongly backlit, and the pair drive around the streets of their hometown Detroit, in a beautiful red convertible. There’s no anger in their rhymes however, rather their faces are full of glee and life.

You can watch the video for ‘I’m Straight’ below.

I'M STRAIGHT- Official Music Video by Calvin Cofield & Kimberly Rice-Cofield

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