Album Review: NEEDTOBREETHE Dig Deep With ‘Into The Mystery’

NEEDTOBREATHE returns with their eighth studio album, ‘Into The Mystery’, following up on 2020’s ‘Out of Body.’ Covid restrictions have put their tour on hold over the past year, so the band took refuge at an old historic house near Columbia, Tennessee. In the autumn of 2020, they lived, ate, joked, and recorded together for three weeks. The outcome is an electrifying album that captures the band’s South Carolina heritage.

Christina Morgan-Diaz – ‘I Need More’

Christina Morgan-Diaz has dedicated her life to Christ, and rather than fall into hopelessness when facing times of trouble – such as the current global situation, she has always found solace in the adage, “with that strength, remember that there is always hope”. She has been given many opportunities through her life to share her musical talent, and her new single, ‘I Need More’, written by Pastor Thomas Johnson, is not just a showcase of her voice, but also her love for God.