The Bobbleheads – ‘Joey’

San Francisco’s The Bobbleheads are back with their latest release, ‘Joey’.

The latest release from The Bobbleheads album, ‘Myths and Fables’, the clip for ‘Joey’ starts out with a fed-up girlfriend, Sarah, hounding her lazy and unemployed boyfriend, Joey, to get up off his butt and start making a go of his life. Sarah storms out and goes to a bar, where she finds The Bobbleheads are about to take the stage – she couldn’t have arrived at a better moment.

Fred Gebhardt, director of the video says,

“The concept for the video was inspired by my time spent with the Bobbleheads since our first project together. They’re one of the hardest working groups I’ve worked with, which is in direct contrast with a lot of artists that I’ve met while in San Francisco who are too comfortable being a Joey on the couch, waiting for success to knock on their door. I wanted to create a music video that showed the audience that there are different types of success and that we never have to settle for mediocrity in any part of our day-to-day.”

In the video, the band’s energetic harmonies and skilled guitar riffs pull Sarah right in, she finds herself in the front row, dancing all by herself, along to the song which – coincidentally? – is named after her now EX boyfriend, ‘Joey’. With some irony, The Bobbleheads cover in there song some aspects of Joey’s life that he hasn’t recognised as yet,  such as how he needs to spend some time on his own, and how he’s taken advantage completely of the good graces of his now-departed Sarah. As the video ends, we see Joey still laying on the couch, watching TV, while Sarah has fully moved on.

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