Grisecon Releases Latest Single ‘Ozymandias’

Synthpop artist, Grisecon, has released his brand new single, ‘Ozymandias’. With a sound falling somewhere between Jaden Smith and Tiësto he combines pop sensibilities with EDM vibes.

Vivar Releases Latest Single, ‘Hookup Culture’

Set for release on December 10, ‘Hookup Culture’ is the new single for Vivar. The San Francisco-based singer songwriter is bound to be your new favourite artist, with his upbeat and catchy sound that’s reminiscent of Shawn Mendes, and Dua Lipa.

EV Kain – ‘Overpour’

Jon Sortland and Brian Belier accidentally became a band while singing Duran Duran’s ‘Rio’ at a Karaoke bar in San Francisco’s Japantown. When they woke up from their whiskey hangovers they realised it hadn’t been a dream, the people in the bar (all five of them) had cheered for them, and they had stumbled on their calling.

Shasta – ‘Closer’

A few weeks ago we brought Shasta into your lives, with their single, ‘Roaming Hearts’, a fresh and airy track that took you all the way back to The Summer Of Love.

Shake Off The Winter Blues With Shasta’s New Single ‘Roaming Hearts’

Shasta are an indie all star band, made up of names you’ll know and with a sound you’ll love. Their new song, ‘Roaming Hearts’, is out March 13, through Dowd Records.

Nick Andre – ‘The Mix Up’

San Francisco musician and producer Nick Andre has been in the music business for more than a decade, and is co-founder, with Eric aka E da Boss (Myron & E, The Pendletons) of Slept On Records. Having produced the likes of Gift Of Gab, Lateef The Truth Speaker, and many more, he’s established for himself a reputation as a hard worker. Now he’s released ‘The Mix Up’, a fusion of jazz and hip hop that perfectly encapsulates his talents.

Dan Ashley – ‘What Really Matters’

In ‘What Really Matters’, Dan Ashley puts life into perspective. He sings about the miraculous encounters he has faced and the traumatizing stories he has heard, proving that all of our priorities are relative.

The Bobbleheads – ‘Joey’

San Francisco’s The Bobbleheads are back with their latest release, ‘Joey’.

Beso Rebelde Set To Release Brand New Single ‘Neon’

With an official release date of 7 November, Latin synth-pop artist Beso Rebelde’s latest single, ‘Neon’, is a powerful track which blends intricate rhythms, driving bass lines, and an infectious vocal.

The Bobbleheads – ‘I Really See You’

Everything about San Francisco’s The Bobbleheads feels effortlessly classic: from their 12 string Rickenbacker guitars, to their sweet sweet multi-part harmonies, to the joy and love that emanates from their live performances, and to every single one of their releases. Formed in 2003, their latest single, is a hopeful track from their most recent album, ‘Myths & Fables’.

Arthur Pri¢e – ‘Dark Days’

Taking his inspiration from everyday life, Arthur is originally from San Francisco, but now makes his home in Alameda, just outside of Oakland. He doesn’t consider himself to be a “Bay Area” musician, but instead feels his music has its very own style – unique and experimental.

EMPRESS – ‘Lovely I Am’

EMPRESS has spent over a decade telling the stories of others through theatre and dance, and has now finally decided to tell her own. Her debut single, ‘Lovely I Am’, is a soft electropop melody, which relaxes you with soulful vocals and thought provoking lyrics.