Grisecon Releases Latest Single ‘Ozymandias’

Synthpop artist, Grisecon, has released his brand new single, ‘Ozymandias’. With a sound falling somewhere between Jaden Smith and Tiësto he combines pop sensibilities with EDM vibes.

The artist, who has been a DJ in San Francisco’s Bay Area for many years, takes subjects we can all relate to, and imbues them with a desire to look at the deeper things – such as climate change. In fact, that’s what ‘Ozymandias’ is about. Grisecon compares the failure of a relationship to that between humanity and the earth, and the title is taken from the Greek name for Egypt’s Pharaoh Rameses II. Ozymandias is best known as the subject of a poem by English Romantic poet, Percy Bysshe Shelly. The song was written shortly before the launch of Jeff Bezos’ rocket, Blue Origin, and in Grisecon’s hands, Ozymandias represents humanity, which, like the Pharaoh himself, continues to erect monuments, and change the earth without thinking of the consequences.

Speaking of the track, he says,

“The conversation about climate change and the environment can feel overwhelming and also depersonalized. I think we have to think about ourselves as part of a greater whole, like a cataclysm that is slowly happening, and not as just individuals trying to make tiny changes.” 

“The idea is that humanity itself is Ozymandias, erecting monuments and changing the earth, but in the end these changes will be wiped away by climate change and time.” 

We are encouraged to look deeper at the relationships we’re in – not just the romantic ones, but the ones we have with the rest of the world, and earth itself. Not only that, we need to examine the consequences; who are we hurting with these relationships, and what can we do to make the world a better place? Rather than “carving monuments to save your face” and “terraforming glaciers” maybe we can instead go out of our way to make the world, and the people in our lives, better off for the experience of knowing us?

You can find out more about Grisecon and his music online on Facebook, Twitter, InstagramSoundcloud, Spotify, and Apple Music. Stream and download ‘Ozymandias’ here.

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