Vita Chambers – ‘You Should Know’

Barbadian-Canadian singer/songwriter Vita Chambers knows that mood is what takes a good RnB song and transforms it into an exceptional one. Her new single, ‘You Should Know’ is the lead track from her four song EP, ‘Vita’.

Vita’s single, ‘Fix You’, went gold in Canada, and she opened for Justin Bieber on 27 shows of the MY World Tour. Vita is an expressive vocalist, as well as a candidly poetic songwriter. Mood is her forte however, using her talents to infuse her songs with powerful shading, subtlety, and inflection.

‘You Should Know’ is a breakup song, where she freely shows her wounds, but never loses step. In the song she’s singing to her lover, “I will always love you enough to let you go”. Her voice is regretful, and yet her conviction is clear, and leads into the other tracks on the EP, ‘Seduce Me, ‘Treasure’, and ‘Strange Delight’. The sentiment is backed up by the muffled beats, echoed vocals and synthesisers. The accompanying music video shows that Vita understands the visual mood equally as well as aural mood. Co-director and star Jeffrey Nye fills every frame with intense colour washes, which also deepen the mystery of the track. They use tricks of light, such as the reflection on Vita’s eyes, the glistening of her lipstick, the flashing of her diamond rings, and the shadows of the Venetian blinds – there’s even fireworks at the end, adding to Chambers’ own effusive explosiveness.

‘You Should Know’ is part of a trilogy, with videos for the follow-up clips for ‘Seduce Me‘, and ‘Strange Delight‘, which can be seen on both her YouTube channel, and website.

You can watch the video for ‘You Should Know’ here:

VITA CHAMBERS  - "YOU SHOULD KNOW "  (New 2019 release).

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