Judah Holiday – ‘All That I Got Tonight’

Daniel Pulver grew up in the Bronx, and started playing drums from the age of seven, before moving on to guitar, and writing his first song at 14. He started gigging around New York, at such venues as CBGB Gallery, Crash Manion, 169 Bar, and Recoup Lounge. He moved to Miami in 2011, and now known as Judah Holiday, he immersed himself in electronic dance music and production, which introduced a new vitality to his sound.

A serendipitous meeting with fellow New Yorker Rudolf, from whom he bought a guitar, saw the birth of a new creative collaboration. Says Holiday,

“I played him some acoustic versions of songs of mine, and he ended up digging them, and now we work together almost every day.”

Judah Holiday’s music finds its roots in the likes of legendary artists such as James Taylor and Neil Young, as well as more modern performers, like Gavin DeGraw, Mat Kearney, and Coldplay. Holiday’s soon to be released debut album is filled with infectious melodies and trancelike beats, with an instant euphoria which comes from its warm and breezy sound.

Judah Holiday’s new single, ‘All That I Got Tonight’ is a perfect example of his honest, life-affirming lyrics, with the verses a showcase of his sentimental heartfelt songwriting style, and the chorus a testimony to the influence of the Miami dance beats.

In the music video for ‘All That I Get Tonight’, it opens with an overhead shot of Judah and a special someone lost in their favourite music, to which they’re listening through headphones. Judah sings the words, while his lady friend tears pages from a magazine. Meanwhile, we see a homeless man dancing along to the music on a boombox, and suddenly we’re at an outdoor dance party; everyone from everywhere, all backgrounds, have gathered to have a great time.

Find out more about Judah Holiday on his official website.

Judah Holiday - All That I Got Tonight (Official Music Video)

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