ck outlaw – ‘Promnesia’

Currently located in New York City, ck outlaw is a hip hop artist with a unique style and sound, who takes her inspiration from the likes of Kelis, Timbaland, Missy Elliot, Fergie, and Nelly Furtado. Her latest single, ‘Promnesia’, is out now.

‘Promnesia’ is the scientific name of what is more commonly known as déjà vu. For ck outlaw, the word perfectly describes the recursive nature of the romantic relationship she found herself in: a cycle of frequently explosive break-ups, and passionate reconciliations. As exciting and adventurous as that sort of relationship can be, it soon becomes wearing. ck outlaw pours all that white-hot emotion into her song – all the fury, desperation, regret, and longing. She sings her story over immense hip hop rhythm, her pain and passion working together in perfect harmony.

The music video for ‘Promnesia’ starts out introducing us to ck outlaw’s home environment, but doesn’t stay there long. She’s soon in the passenger seat of a sleek grey convertible, with the driver a woman in shades – maybe shades of Thelma and Louise? The pair head to Tombstone, Arizona, where an interpersonal drama finds the perfect backdrop a colourfully authentic Wild West scene. It’s clear that there’s going to be a showdown – whether actual or metaphorical – one which will finally settle the dust on this turbulent relationship.

Find ck outlaw on her official website, and Facebook.

Watch the video for ‘Promnesia’:

ck outlaw - Promnesia (Official Video)

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