Blanks Releases The Earworm That Is ‘Favorite Nightmare’

Blanks has released the absolute earworm that is ‘Favourite Nightmare’, in conjunction with his debut EP – which collects all his best-loved hits so far.

Is there anything this “overexcited music boy” can’t do? 1 million YouTube subscribers – check. Success spanning countries the world over – check. Tik Tok viral video – check. Killer hits and an exuberant video to match – check.

Latest release ‘Favorite Nightmare’ sees this lover of all things 80s back at it again with catchy bass hooks and a chorus you won’t be able to get out of your head any time soon. ‘Favorite Nightmare’ takes the confused and complex feelings following a rough break up and translates them into a trademark Blanks bop – cheerful and upbeat despite the subject matter. And did we mention? This song is CATCHY.

Already a hit on Tik Tok and internet as a whole, you’d be a fool to be behind this trend. Listen to ‘Favorite Nightmare’ now and make sure you follow Blanks on social media @musicbyblanks to stay up to date!

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