Baker Grace Tells Us About Her Music, Her Influences, And New Single, ‘Painkiller’

Up and coming singer songwriter Baker Grace gives us some of her time to answer some of your burning questions about her music and especially her new single and video, ‘Painkiller‘.

Who are you biggest music influences?

I grew up listening to a wide variety of music, everything from 70’s singer/songwriter to alternative rock to 2000’s R&B. I love Alicia Keys, Regina Spektor, and Rihanna to name a few artists that really inspired me.

What made you want to become and artist?

    I don’t think I ever decided that I wanted to become an artist. I always loved singing and performing, I did musical theatre growing up and then when I got a little older (13,14), I started writing songs. Music is a way of life for me and how I make sense of the world. I recorded an album in the basement with my father and luckily it reached key people in the industry. That was the first time I thought I actually had a chance at doing this and I haven’t stopped ever since.

      What is your proudest moment as an artist so far?

      My proudest moment was making the next EP, including Painkiller and creating the visuals behind the songs. I felt like I tapped into something new and exciting and pushed a lot of boundaries. Doing it with people I loved also made me really happy.

      Could you tell us about “Painkiller”? What is the inspiration behind it?

        Painkiller is about finding lasting happiness. It’s about valuing yourself and not turning to quick fixes to cope with pain or insecurity. My inspiration came from meditation and yoga, as well as going out to clubs in NYC and experiencing nightlife for the first time.

          Did you face any creative blocks when writing “Painkiller”? How do you usually overcome them?

          I didn’t face any creative blocks when writing “Painkiller” and I honestly don’t really believe in the idea of “Writer’s block.” If I am feeling like I have nothing to say at the moment, I will go out and experience something new that gives me something to say. If everything I’m writing still isn’t sounding good to me, I just write it anyway and move on. I write a lot of mediocre songs in my free time and I’m completely fine with that. Sometimes the only way to get to a great song is to get out a bad one.

          What was the experience like collaborating with Zac Stracener on the “Painkiller” music video?

            Zac is a really good friend of mine and this was our 6th video together. We really understand each other creatively and it makes the work really meaningful and fun. I trusted him with my ideas and was truly amazed at how he put them together. We started shooting at 8 pm and got home at 8 am, it was exhilarating and exhausting and I loved every minute of it

            What advice would you give to newer artists just starting out?

              Create a lot, speak your truth, and trust your gut instinct. Don’t take things too personally.

                What can we look forward to next from you?

                I will be releasing an EP in 2024 and performing in a few cities in the US. I am really excited to share this new music and meet some lovely people at the shows. You can follow me on socials @bakergracemusic for more!

                You can watch the music video for ‘Painkiller’ below, and find out more about Baker Grace and her music online on her official websiteSpotifyTikTokFacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

                Baker Grace-"Painkiller"-Official music Video

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