Chicago Trio She Rides Tigers Have Released Their Debut LP ‘SCARS’

Indie Rock Trio She Rides Tigers have just released their unique 8 track LP ‘SCARS’.

The band consisting of Joe O’Leary (Guitar and Vocals), James Scott (Bass and Vocals) and Ryan Birkett (Drums) have featured on countless radio stations across the US including Fearless Radio, WGN Radio, and Radio Chicago. Taking inspiration from the likes of Stereophonics and The Sex Pistols, ‘SCARS’ will make you feel the bass travel through your body and craving for more.

The LP starts off strong with ‘Scars of Allegory’ that hits us with a 30 second instrumental intro showcasing the bands musical talents before a word has even been sung. This theme continues throughout with tracks ‘Heart Worth Breaking’ and ‘Perfect Crime’ where listeners will hear some insane guitar solos that will make anyone want to jump on the table and show off their air guitar playing skills. Tracks such as ‘Something To Believe In’ is more lyrically focused alongside a catchy beat making it impossible not to sing along, even if you don’t know the words yet! The LP finishes just as strong as it started with ‘Should’ve Known Better’ fading us out with an instrumental outro giving it an extremely satisfying finish.

The Chicago based band like to blur the lines between psychedelic rock and power pop and that has been apparent through this LP. It is available to stream through Spotify and Soundcloud and be sure to follow their Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to see what else She Rides Tigers have in store for us.


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