AV Super Sunshine Asks ‘Are You Happy?’ From ‘Candyland Remixes Vol. 1’

We touched on AV Super Sunshine’s latest release ‘Are You Happy?’ the other day, so this will be more about the video for the single. Regular readers will know all too well the music of the Wisconsin native, whose electronic bubblegum pop is a breath of fresh air in a world of oh so serious musicians – not that there’s anything wrong with being earnest! ‘Are You Happy?’ is the first track from AV Super Sunshine’s new album, ‘Candyland Remixes Vol. 1’.

AV and his long term muse and collaborator, Philomena, are doing their thing in bright – and sometimes muted colours – interspersed with Lego figures, all of whom are doing things that should make them happy; watching sports teams, driving fast cars, playing golf…somehow however, it’s not enough. They’re not happy.

AV tells it like it is, he asks us all to look deep inside and consider whether we’re truly happy or not. The “things” we do aren’t enough to give us what we really need; the “stuff” we surround ourselves with don’t give us the pleasure we need, we crave – things that “give you a buzz that you can take home”. We need to ask ourselves, “am I happy?”

A happy song can help lighten our mood – and ‘Are You Happy?’ certainly goes some way to doing that – but it also challenges us to consider what we’re doing, and to find a way to be truly happy.

Philomena, who also provides backing vocals, directed the clip, and she’s packed it full to the rafters with colour and fun. AV and Philomena are cruising through the day at their own leisure, in phone booths, in golf carts (playing golf even), on the wharf, down the highway in a jeep. Are they happy? It definitely seems so, and it seems, for them at least, the key is in loving yourself.

AV Super Sunshine - Are You Happy (Official Video)

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