The platinum UK house duo Gorgon City have just released their new music video after the success of their most recent single ‘There for You’. It is now available to watch here:

Gorgon City, MK - There For You (Official Video)

The video is set in Madrid where a young director named Joan Bosch wanted to capture the true essence of the perfect clubbing experience. It follows a clubber discovering what the true nightlife is all about. The powerful music video was able to capture the most flawless visuals to help represent the souQnd and meaning of the single.

As for the brilliant song itself, Gorgon City and MK were able to create an absolute masterpiece with ‘There for You’. The single has now reached an astonishing 7 million streams that is constantly going upwards! Not too long ago, Gorgon City treated electronic music fans to two new remixes of the song; the ‘Terrace Dub’ and ‘Warehouse Mix’ can both be listened to here.

Both Gorgon City and MK are currently on tour over the next few months, and after listening to ‘There for You’, it would be a foolish move not to get tickets! Gorgon City tickets can be found on their website and, whilst you’re at it, you might as well purchase tickets to see MK as well which you can get here.

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