Scarlet Pleasure Ride It Like A Rodeo With New Single ’24/7′ Out Today

Danish trio Scarlet Pleasure formed in 2013 and are made up of childhood friends, Alexander Malone (on bass), Emil Goll (on vocals and guitar), and Joachim Dencker on drums. The trio share a passion for old school soul and American RnB, and blend it with a modern pop sound. Their latest single, ’24/7′, is out today, April 12.

Scarlet Pleasure came out like a rocket with their debut, ‘Windy’, which they followed up with hit after hit after hit: tracks such as ‘HEAT’, ‘Deja Vu’, ‘Good Together’ and ‘Limbo’ have seen Scarlet Pleasure go from being a niche underground act in Copenhagen to Denmark’s number 1 pop band, selling out tours and even headlining at the Roskilde Festival in 2016 when they played on the Orange Stage. The band, who will return to Roskilde this summer, produce music which conjures up heady visions of parties in Los Angeles, confront the ultimate drug in their new track, ’24/7′:

“We’ve been portraying our very own generation on several songs. Searched for the truth, why we try to escape or at least bend reality with second life social media and endless partying combined with alcohol and drugs. On ‘24/7’ we confront the ultimate drug of them all – love! – and how easily it can effect and distort your life in so many ways.” 

Coming in at just under three minutes long, ’24/7′ has a cool Latin vibe which Scarlet Pleasure have combined with strong pop sensibilities. It’s upbeat with a light instrumental backing with a super catchy beat, and memorable lyrics which will stick with you long after the song ends. The song talks about finding love when you least expect it – in fact when you’re trying very hard to avoid tying yourself down to anyone or anything – you’re struck down and are unable to  do anything else:

“She rides it like a rodeo – it feels like I’m in heaven 24/7
Paris, Milan or Tokyo – she got me working on vacation 24/7”

Scarlet Pleasure aren’t afraid to experiment with their sound. On their previous single, ‘What A Life’, the trio diced with a more folk vibe, and this experimentation continues with the Latin stylings of ’24/7′.

Bass player Alexander Malone explains,

“Dolly Parton’s graceful voice is eternal, just like when the tremolo guitar rides west on a Nancy Sinatra song. We want our songs to represent that same energy so that the minute you press play you’ll think: Scarlet Pleasure. The three of us is the music, the DNA. Then we can add whatever flavour we’d like.”

’24/7′ by Scarlet Pleasure is out now on Copenhagen Records. You can stream and download it here. Follow Scarlet Pleasure online on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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