Nicki Nicole Releases ‘Parte De Mi’, An Album That Will Make You Rethink The Way You Consume Music

One of my favourite artists is Zucchero and I understand virtually no Italian but love the songs. To stop listening to the words is like losing one of our senses in that it heightens the others; suddenly we are not listening to the words but to the emotion, the tone of the voice, the way the words are delivered. This could not be more apparent than in today’s release from Latin sensation Nicki Nicole.

Keeana Kee Releases Latest Single, ‘Love In The Elevator’ 

Not to be confused with Aerosmith’s ‘Love In An Elevator’, Keeana Kee’s latest single, ‘Love In The Elevator’ is a sexy, sultry, Latin bop that has much more in common with Shakira and Jennifer Lopez than it does with Steve Tyler.

Sharon Abarca Releases Stunning New Track ‘Sofa’

The lovely Sharon Abarca has recently dropped her beautiful new track titled “Sofa.” It is now available to stream on Spotify!

Iván Ortega Releases Latest Single ‘Por la Calle’

Iván Ortega has written his latest single, ‘Por la Calle’, as a reaction to the division we are seeing in modern society, and hopes with his song to get across the joy of dancing and celebrating in the streets, and the unity that comes with it.

Beso Rebelde Set To Release Brand New Single ‘Neon’

With an official release date of 7 November, Latin synth-pop artist Beso Rebelde’s latest single, ‘Neon’, is a powerful track which blends intricate rhythms, driving bass lines, and an infectious vocal.

Zāna – ‘Nah’

The video for Zāna’s single, ‘Nah’ opens as it means to go on. A woman wearing high heeled shoes, emblazoned with a big cat on one, and the word ‘Nah’ in diamonds on the other, strides into a party – the heels sparking electricity as she goes. It’s the perfect representation of the sass, sultriness, and strength which come to mind when we think of Zāna.

Jedward’s ‘Bodies In Action’ Is Sensual, Suggestive, And Sensational

Released today, in a joint offering with lead single ‘Soul Crushing’, ‘Bodies In Action’ is the second track from Jedward’s upcoming album, ‘Voice Of A Rebel’. The album is the fourth for the Dublin duo, and is set for release worldwide on June 27.

Earworming First Single ‘Soul Crushing’ Promises Great Things To Come From Jedward’s Fourth Album ‘Voice Of A Rebel’

With a refrain of “Why you gotta be so freakin’ soul crushing”, the aptly named ‘Soul Crushing’, first release from Jedward’s long-awaited fourth album, ‘Voice Of A Rebel’, is guaranteed to be not just an instantly relatable track, but also one which will have you hitting replay over and over.

Latin Synth-Pop Artist Beso Rebelde Releases New Single, ‘Canta’

Out today ‘Canta’ is the debut single from synth pop artist Beso Rebelde.

Pop Artist Eleni C Reveals Latest Single ‘One Last Time’

Released 3 June, ‘One Last Time’ is the latest single from pop artist Eleni C. The video for the track is out 24 June.

Kat DeLuna – ‘Last Night In Miami’

Kat DeLuna is known for her energetic shows as she wows the audience with her soulful voice, along with her energetic dance moves. Bursting onto the scene back in 2007 with her top 40 hit, ‘Whine Up’. Now she returns with ‘Last Night In Miami’, a guaranteed summer scorcher.

Scarlet Pleasure Ride It Like A Rodeo With New Single ’24/7′ Out Today

Danish trio Scarlet Pleasure formed in 2013 and are made up of childhood friends, Alexander Malone (on bass), Emil Goll (on vocals and guitar), and Joachim Dencker on drums. The trio share a passion for old school soul and American RnB, and blend it with a modern pop sound. Their latest single, ’24/7′, is out today, April 12.

Nancy Ruth – ‘Todo Para Ti (All For You)’

Spanish-Canadian singer-songwriter Nancy Ruth fuses jazz, Latin music, experimental rock, and flamenco and leads the charge to the reinvigoration of Flamenco music. Her latest single, ‘Todo Para Ti (All For You)’, is a lightning-flash of guitar and vocals, radiating passion for life, and love, all the while showing what is possible with music.

UK Artist Hayden Brenen Is Heating It Up With New Single ‘100 Degrees’

Released on 14 February, ‘100 Degrees’ is the latest single from UK pop and RnB artist, Hayden Brenen. The upbeat track reflects Brenen’s influences, which include Ed Sheeran, George Michael, and Justin Timberlake.

Good Vibes Only: We Speak Exclusively To Chiara King

Last week we introduced you to up and coming London-based singer songwriter Chiara King, and her new single, ‘Dancing With Me’, featuring Remo The…

Up And Coming Artist Chiara King Is ‘Dancing With Me’ In New Single

Chiara King is a 19 year old British singer songwriter, based in London. Her debut single, ‘Dancing With Me’, was released on February 24.

Dance DJ Jeancy Releases Latest Mix, ‘All Night’

Dance DJ Jeancy comes from Puerto Rico, and brings to his music sounds inspired by the Ibiza scene. His latest track, ‘All Night’, was released on January 27.

Urban Fu$e – ‘Splurge’

‘Splurge’ is the latest track from multi-national collaboration, Urban Fu$e. We first wrote about them back in October last year, with their song, ‘Can’t Steal My Deal’.

Barbudo Return With ‘Secret Admirer’

With their funk hybrid rhythms and enrobing synths, Portsmouth born trio Barbudo are making waves on the alt. music scene. Their music is a melting pot of old-school-funk, latin rhythms, and classic soul. Their groovy basslines combine with intoxicating vocal harmonies to create a sound that is truly beautiful.

De’Anza at Amoeba Hollywood Tonight Ahead Of Cosmic Dream EP Out Tomorrow

De’Anza combines hypnotic, electronic funk with alternative and psychedelic styles and is releasing Cosmic Dream tomorrow. The Latin artist will be celebrating the new EP with a free performance at Amoeba Music in Hollywood tonight at 6pm.

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