Sharon Abarca Releases Stunning New Track ‘Sofa’

The lovely Sharon Abarca has recently dropped her beautiful new track titled “Sofa.” It is now available to stream on Spotify!

“Sofa” has such a soothing vibe to it, you will feel instantly relaxed. It’s the sort of song than would be perfect for meditation, yoga, or even to help you chill out whilst you sleep. It starts off beautifully with only a simple piano melody alongside Sharon’s magnificent vocals. The song gradually picks up the more you listen to it, making it highly addictive and will leave you wanting more!

Everything about the track is just so pure – especially the meaning behind it. Sharon Abarca wrote “Sofa” whilst…well…sitting on the sofa during the quarantine. What we’re hearing is the story of starting a relationship and all of these questions are going through your head. Will this relationship last? Will it only be temporary? Then suddenly, you come to the realisation that this is something you can’t control. The only thing you can do in this situation is to sit back, relax, and trust what happens. What will be, will be.

Sharon Abarca is a wonderful artist you just have to get behind. Be sure to follow her Twitter and Instagram for more updates, and let her know what you thought of “Sofa”!


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