Feed Me Releases Album ‘High Street Creeps’

Out today (February 22) on deadmau5 label mau5trap, ‘High Street Creeps’, a namesake taken from the notorious 1980s Hertfordshire pheasant poaching ring, marks Feed Me’s new studio album and ninth overall release on mau5trap.

Following 2013’s Calamari Tuesday with a string of Feed Me singles and EPs, as well as a debut album for his alias Spor in 2015, ‘High Street Creeps’ marks the producer’s sophomore full length project.

This album features 10 tracks that span a variety of production styles, some of which differ from what he’s delivered in the past.

The first single ‘Feel Love’ features the angelic voice of Rosie Doonan (who’s performed with the likes of Peter Gabriel and Birdy), helmed by a synth lead with chopped vocals over a pulsating house kick, while its second single ‘Sleepless’, evolves as an electro banger that uses FEED ME’s hard-hitting, uniquely distinguishable sound.  There are also vocal-fronted tracks with Milo Greene’s Graham Fink, emergingBritish indie singer/songwriter Cheney (Theo Alteri) and Lindsay.

With the second album it was written all across the world, across a big expanse of time. Getting the mindset to distil it into something congruous meant a lot thought,” says Feed Me. “I flew to LA with my whole setup for a while and drove around setting up and working with different vocalists and artists which was the antithesis of how I had always worked, some of it was written there, some in my studio, and some away from the box as it were, I’ve started to love making music or sketching ideas away from a screen and I wanted that reflected in there too. It spans multiple years and a big change, even building my own studio, and a big learning experience.

Meanwhile, to support the release of ‘High Street Creeps’, look for Feed Me to appear at Beyond Wonderland, in Southern California on March 22. He will then return to the US in early summer for his first ‘Teeth’ headline tour since 2013.

“We’re touring the ‘Teeth’ setup again this summer,” said Feed Me.  “I think it’s probably my proudest achievement. Building my show was the ultimate way to present what I do and a creative dream, and probably also my new album. It represents me getting my lifestyle under control and combining a big array of memories and chaos into something fully structured, I feel like I can move forward with more speed now.”

Look for dates and on-sale information to be revealed in the coming weeks.

Until he debuted his alias Feed Me in 2008, Hertfordshire, England-native Jon Gooch was known for his aggressive, hard-edged drum’n’bass productions as Spor. While Spor remained an ongoing outlet for Gooch, the producer quickly gained notice for his dubstep/electro-house hybrids as Feed Me; he signed to deadmau5’s mau5trap label and issued ‘The Spell’ (2008) and the album ‘Feed Me’s Big Adventure’ (2010), as well as the EPs ‘To the Stars’ (2011) and ‘Feed Me’s Escape from Electric Mountain’ (2012). He also increased his profile by remixing the likes of Chase & Status (‘Let You Go’), Nero (‘Innocence’), Gorillaz (‘On Melancholy Hill’), and Robyn (‘Call Your Girlfriend’). ‘Calamari Tuesday’, his second album, was released in 2013 reaching #1 in the U.S. dance charts followed by EPs ‘A Giant Warrior Descends On Tokyo’ in 2015, ‘Feed Me’s Family Reunion’ in 2016 and ‘Feed Me’s Existential Crisis’ in 2017.

For more information on Feed Me, visit him on SoundCloud, SottoVoce, FeedMerch, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and his official website.


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